Pinkcourtesyphone: A Ravishment Of Mirror (Dragon’s Eye Recordings, 2014)

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Pinkcourtesyphone: A Ravishment Of Mirror

Pinkcourtesyphone: A Ravishment Of Mirror

Newest full-length from sound artist Richard Chartier’s noir-ish drone project. This album is full of slow, bell-like loops, ghostly footsteps, foggy hiss, sunken melodies, and just a general dark, rainy, mysterious atmosphere. Like The Caretaker’s best work, it’s sad, fragile, beautiful, and haunting. 25 minute opener “Why Pretend / The Desire Of Absence / Faulty Connections” goes through long stretches of moody droning before finally landing on a slow, sleepwalking rhythm for the last few minutes. “Pixels… Sometimes… Broke Your Heart (For A.)” is another exploration of cavernous spaces and distant sounds, with gentle whispers and soft, faraway bursts. “Falling Star (For P. Entwistle)” has some soft, muted, trudging beats, which sound like the ghosts of hip-hop or drum’n’bass tracks, along with thick, swirling ambience and piano melodies, and more dusky whispering. “62,000 Valentines (For T. Hunter)” is more misty, foggy slow-moving ambience, feeling like a stroll through an inactive city on a late afternoon during a weekend, where no buildings are open and nobody’s around because the weather is dismal and there’s nothing going on… which makes it a perfect scenario for a destination-free walk filled with solemn, singular reflection on life.


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