Picaflor: Magician (Self-released, 2013)

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Picaflor: Magician

Picaflor: Magician

Supremely trippy mind-expanding techno, which drifts out into other genres, and into surrealist dream-like sound collage. Plenty of strange sounds in the mix; “Aramaic Owls of the Eternally Infinite Rainforest” starts with echoing cat growls, and ends with owls, rain, and mystic speech. “White Sage Black Mountain​/​White Mountain Black Sage” starts with water dripping, and goes into a kind of action-soundtrack-on-a-budget electronic rhythm. “A Whistle in the Mind’s Kaleidescopic Sky” gets into Demdike Stare hauntology darkness territory, with slow pounding beats and desert animal calls, but then it goes into another action sequence-y groove, but midtempo and with bongo-like drums. “El Jardín Misterioso del Curandero Viejo” starts out really disturbing, with a slow quiet intro for the first minute, then sounds of a baby crying, a female orgasm, a heartbeat, and a heart monitor which eventually flatlines. Very creepy juxtaposition. Then there’s some screaming (maybe from a rollercoaster, or maybe from something terrible happening, it’s hard to tell), some very ominous synths, and eventually whooshing, whispering, bird chirps, shaking/rattling, chanting in Spanish, mystic flutes, coughing and spitting, and strange laughter. And it’s still not over, there’s Hebrew chanting, Arabic singing, rushing water, bells tolling, and high-pitched chattering voices. “The Divine Psiamese Twins of Psilent Inner Psiberia” is a strange midtempo journey with slightly tipsy synth-trumpets, pianos, bass, and canned applause around the 5.5 minute mark. After 9 minutes, the music hushes down, with the sounds of children playing and an indoor conversation between a man and a woman, before a triumphant, skygazing ending for the last few minutes. “Into the Heliotropium of Heaven’s Hallucinatory Heart Hologram” starts with a voice saying that “we are all going to die”, which echoes (panning left and right through the speakers and gradually getting quieter), and then a sad, cinematic post-rock instrumental emerges, although there’s enough simple, MIDI-ish electronics and quirky sounds to confuse it with anything that sounds like Mogwai. At about 8 minutes it fades out and sounds like the song’s over, but then there’s come police siren-like sounds in the background, after which the MIDI-post-rock returns. The song ends with more siren sounds, mystic chanting, and rushing water. “An Opal Squid in the Temple of the Ivory Monkfish” starts out sounding like it’s going to be a dark soundtrack-like piece, but eventually lightens up with cuckoo sounds, and a wondrous, piano-heavy electronic beat, and fireworks! There’s also more bird calls, more amped-up action scene music, more cosmic chanting, and more quiet piano interludes. It ends with a new age voice proclaiming “let us all unite”. Free download at Bandcamp.

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