Dhow: Amara CD-r (Inam Records, 2014)

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Dhow: Amara

Dhow: Amara

Second CD-r from Dhow, one of Ryan Huber’s latest and greatest projects. The first 2 tracks on here were actually released in mono versions on a limited-to-23 lathe cut 7″, but are included here in stereo. “Galil” is overwhelming, distorted, and fuzzy, with a constant drum machine bashing away and uncountable layers of vibrating sounds. “Nhi” is a sad, blurring, drifty dronegaze track with abrasive yet floating textures. “Scultone” reminds me a lot of Alec Empire and Christoph De Babalon’s early ambient works, starting with clicking and popping sounds and quiet melodic ambience, but evolving into thick distorted noise. “Neophyte” is a much more melodic, guitar-centric anthemic post-rock song with plenty of cloudy distortion, and ending with disturbing crackling and gray drone for the last minute or so. “Magna Mater” is 2 minutes of guitar and drums that sound muted under a haze of smoke. “Amara” is full of meandering guitar loops, distant crashing factory-like sounds, and some hidden drum beats for a few brief periods. The last 2 minutes are much calmer. “Lindworm” is another melodic, anthemic guitar-driven track. “Captus” is slow, sludgy, and scorching, but only 2.5 minutes. “Archon” is a smokey, polluted cloud of drone, but with some thumping beats for the last minute. “Bells” has lots of scraping noises throughout, starts out slow and trudgy, but then halfway another muted beat pushes through, and it ends with layers of tremolo distortion and cathartic screaming.

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