Deison & Mingle: Everything Collapse(d) (Aagoo Records/Rev. Lab., 2014)

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Deison & Mingle: Everything Collapse(d)

Deison & Mingle: Everything Collapse(d)

Newest album by noise/drone vet Deison, in collab with Andrea Gastaldello (Mingle). Definitely far more active and dynamic than the previous Deison release on Aagoo, which was very bleak and droney and generally just sounded like standing next to a giant reactor. This one has glitch beats, processing, and pianos, and even some singing. The last track (“Static Inertia”) ends with a short period of silence, followed by a cover of “Failure” by Swans, featuring a vocalist named Daniele Santagiuliana who makes a very convicing M. Gira impersonator. Other than that, lots of buzzing textures, clicks and cuts, and crunchy, sometimes erupting beats and bass. “Everything Collapses” has a horn-like drone texture with its blips and clicks. “Nessun Desiderio (Decimaction)” has rumbling static and crackly, ground-shaking downtempo beats that could rival your favorite Modern Love artist (Demdike Stare, Andy Stott et al). “Settled Apathy (Hospital)” has bass-growly IDM beats, then drifts off into a hospital deathbed scene. “One Million Parsec From Your Sun” is a “staring at a vast star field” moment. “An Estranged Perspective (Time Off)” is more piano ambience with subtle glitch rhythms.

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