DTCV: Hilarious Heaven (Xemu, 2013)

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DTCV: Hilarious Heaven

DTCV: Hilarious Heaven

Vaguely GBV-related (Jim Greer was in GBV and is in this band, Bob Pollard did the artwork) indie rock, as sprawling and absurdist as that band, but with a twist: there’s male AND female lead vocalists. There’s also lots of interlude-y tracks, a lot of which are just answering machine messages or silly samples, but a few of which are brief song fragments (“Impostor Horse”, “Los Angeles Street”). There’s also 2 11-minute jams, which break into horn solos (“How Not To Be”) and gang vocal chants (“Hotspurs Of Micely Light”). The singer has a bigger and more serious voice than you might expect for an indie-pop band, coming close to Chrissie Hynde or Debbie Harry. “(CIS)X” is a little robot voice talking about synthesizers, and then “Gone 1 Quickly” is a nice little lo-fi synth-pop gem. Male vocals remind me of the guy from the Pastels (the male/female vocals remind me of this band too), or maybe Mark Robinson of Unrest/Air Miami/Flin Flon.

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