War: More Days LP (Posh Isolation, 2010/reissued Death Shadow, 2013)

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War: More Days LP

War: More Days LP

Vinyl reissue of a tape from 2010. This band changed their name to Vår when they released an album on America on Sacred Bones, probably to avoid confusion with the band that did “Low Rider”. But this is really great lo-fi noisy coldwave synth-pop. Very blown out and distorted, vocals are unintelligible/obscured, beats are rudimentary drum machine sounds, melodies are cheaply played and imperfect, and it all just sounds really dark and isolated and great. The members of this band are also in Iceage and Lust For Youth, and it’s similar to both bands, but definitely not as driving or rhythmic or melodic or polished, and that’s why I think I like it better. Really murky and foreboding. “Glass Ribbon” is an instrumental with a cool droning guitar sound towards the end. “Marble Hall Pigs” is slightly more punk-leaning. “Flesh Hierarchy” is REALLY blown out and has this great searing melody which doesn’t sound like it’s quite correctly played or timed, but it just works so well. Really a great album, loving this way more than anything else related to Iceage and that whole Danish post-punk scene.

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