Dog Bite: Tranquilizers (Carpark, 2014)

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Dog Bite: Tranquilizers

Dog Bite: Tranquilizers

The first Dog Bite album came out less than a year ago and I’ve already forgotten what it sounds like, but it’s filed under “shoegaze/dreampop” in my hard drive, so I guess I must have liked it enough to keep it around. But this one is a little different, and already more memorable. It’s a pretty simple formula: Cocteau Twins/A.R. Kane-era 4AD meets chillwave. Opener “There Was Time” instantly recalls those classic dreampop guitar sounds, then “We” hits you with chillwave beats, and then it just goes from there. “Lady Queen” is the most uptempo track here (you can almost even dance to it), the rest is more down-to-midtempo, with “Clarinets” being the slow, sad, pretty ballad, “Dream Feast” coming close to that, and “Royals” not being the Lorde song of the same name. Worth checking out.

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