Kid Droid: Project Onyx (Droidsong, 2013)

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Kid Droid: Project Onyx

Kid Droid: Project Onyx

Unassuming little album of originals and remixes by a DJ/producer who is apparently the founder of the drum’n’bass scene in St. Louis. Not strictly a d’n’b release, and even the tracks that are d’n’b are more of the intelligent side of the genre. “Guns (Plexus Instruments’ Hypersleep LaPierre Remix)” could totally be on a Boards Of Canada or Plaid album in the late ’90s. 2 remixes by Monad are excursions into deep tech-house. Most of the original tracks are kind of downtempo and minimal, but “Onyx” is a nice quasi-industrial standout, maybe dark and dirty enough to appear on a release on Hymen, and “They’re Coming For You” is a nice breakbeat/acid-heavy 808 State-type jam. Nothing groundbreaking, but a little refreshing, definitely worth checking out.

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