With Moths: For Silence tape (A Guide To Saints, 2013)

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With Moths: For Silence tape

With Moths: For Silence tape

Gloomy darkwave drone from New Zealand. Blends a gloriously uneasy synth drone texture with ringing guitars reminiscent of the best vintage Factory and 4AD, and delayed shadowy vocals. Very lonely, sheltered, can’t-deal-with-the-world, which means (sadly) I can relate to this all too well and feel perfectly at home listening to it. The crows cawing throughout “Being In The World” feel like they’re circling overhead, giving it an extra grey, doomy feel, but not in a metal way. “To Deny The Inevitable” starts with a spoken sample saying that “this whole area used to be a sacred place”, and the music retains that feeling of something which used to be glorious and has now just faded into oblivion. “Into The Negative” is where things really plumb the depths, with a loop that sounds like wind blowing through a dungeon, mixed with completely grim synth lines. So full of despair, so hopeless, and it goes on for seven and a half minutes and you just feel like there’s no way out. The way I’m feeling right now, I don’t want to find a way out, I’m feeling totally comfortable listening to such grim, gloomy music like this.

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