Sleeper: From Beyond tape (A Guide To Saints, 2013)

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Sleeper: From Beyond tape

Sleeper: From Beyond tape

Not to be confused with the ’90s Britpop band Sleeper (who I actually still quite like), or the experimental hip-hop musician, or dubstep producer, or emo band, or anyone else who’s ever used that name. This is a New Zealand musician doing drifty tape-drone stuff. Side A starts with some sort of medieval melody, which barely lasts a minute before it gets consumed by shrouded echo, and then turns into a long, slow distant drone, which sounds slightly faded and warped, and continues to sound even more so as it goes on. You’re wondering if the tape is just going to straight up break, but it keeps going and keeps returning like a slow dark decaying wave. Side B is another slowly repeating wave of darkness, but doesn’t sound as decayed, and instead of beginning with a different, more melodic part, this one ends with one, namely funeral march horns, which sound like they’re about to pick up right as the tape ends.

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