Rangefinder: Harmony State tape (A Guide To Saints, 2013)

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Rangefinder: Harmony State tape

Rangefinder: Harmony State tape

Seriously gorgeous cassette of ambient synth jams from Will Long (Celer). A nice series of miniatures (4.5 minutes tops, mostly around 2 or 3 minutes), with all those lovely bubbling arpeggios and warm textures that are designed to be calm and inviting, and never stop being soothing, at least to these ears. There’s a few moments of slightly aggressive distortion (“Balance Drive”) and hints of industrial tension (“Rolling Planets”), but overall, it’s a smooth, sunny, sky-gazing ride. “Sunrise Aftertouch” has hard panned delay and a bright hopeful melody and it’s only 2 minutes and I can listen to it on loop forever. “Peaks And Downfalls” is only a minute long but manages to pack such an expressive punch and could easily go on for hours and I wouldn’t mind. “Theme For Kissy Suzuki” is appropriately themelike, seems like there’s a touch of some sort of introspectiveness, maybe some lost/sad feelings. “Carrier” is an appropriately bittersweet goodbye, but not in an overly dramatic way, just a sweet sendoff. Amazing tape, up there with Celer’s Menggayakan as the best work I’ve heard from Will Long.

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