Rafael Anton Irisarri: The Unintentional Sea LP (Room40, 2013)

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Rafael Anton Irisarri: The Unintentional Sea LP

Rafael Anton Irisarri: The Unintentional Sea LP

Irisarri is best known to these ears as The Sight Below, a project which has released two incredible albums on Ghostly International. His work under is own name steps away from beat-based ambient techno, and instead works with chilly textures which ebb and flow gracefully, awash in static and surface noise crackle. The overwhelmingly foggy cover art and oceanic title are perfect descriptors for this, as it’s just so vast, blurry, and enveloping. The tracks establish their atmosphere and loop endlessly, but usually for the last few minutes, they’ll add a distorted texture or some other element that takes it to a different location. “The Witness” has the most immediately striking melody, and it strikes you down. “Daybreak Comes Soon” plays with subtly reversing piano notes. “Lesser Than The Sum Of Its Parts” ends the album on a particularly beautiful/dreary note, with (what sounds like) lilting steel guitar and vocal textures, then in the last minute, swarms up and quickly cuts back to hushed vocals before fading away.

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