Jeff Carey: [3:30] (Forwind, 2013)

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Jeff Carey: [3:30]

Jeff Carey: [3:30]

Harsh, clanging laptop noise from a Baltimore composer who previously went by the name 87 Central and released albums on Staalplaat, ERS and JDK Productions. Entirely laptop generated, no guitars or synths. “Ballast” is filled with metallic clanging and some shredding sounds. “Phosphor” is a bit more ponderous, covering low humming in a layer of static. “Node” is also kind of low and minimal, fluttering and crunching and morphing tones. “1001” is another harsh, clanging, shredding one, fantastically blown-out and headcrushing. This is the one to rock out to. “Sink” is the least noisy, most drifty track, with some sputtering, splintering tones spread out among lots of quietness. “Lock” is back to the harshness, with clattering blastbeats almost coming close to approximating breakcore, especially when the beats get shredded. OK, THIS is the one to rock out to.

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