Dhow: s/t CDr (Inam Records, 2013)

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Dhow: s/t CDr

Dhow: s/t CDr

Yet another ultra-limited Inam CDr, with Ryan Huber and Lid Emba reprising their 2008 collaboration under a new project name. Slow, trudgy doomgaze with drums, guitars and noise. “Brightwork” has a relaxed slow tempo, nice steady rhythm, heavenly layers of melodic guitar fuzz, and some buried voices, and the rhythm fades away in the last minute and a half. “Corinthian” is the most melodic and rhythm-driven, but breaks down 2/3 of the way through into scraping and static sounds, and sort of free-floats into fog for the remainder. “Act of Grace” is another gorgeous fuzz drone with crashing drumbeats, almost sounding like if Clams Casino went shoegaze/post-rock or something. “Genoa” steps away from rhythm, instead utilizing rustling and clanging noises over a tense synth-string drone. “Azimuth” is shorter and more relatively upbeat, with more distorted drumbeats and tape-manipulated vocals under a sunny noisy guitar rhythm. “Oakum” ends the album on a reflective note, sounding like the ending scene of a dramatic, bittersweet film or TV show.

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