Seven Lies About Girls/Hiss & Hum megapost

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Seven Lies About Girls: The Process Of Weeding Out tape

Seven Lies About Girls: The Process Of Weeding Out tape

Finally getting around to the package of tapes Hiss & Hum sent me way earlier in the year. First is a tape by Seven Lies About Girls called The Process Of Weeding Out (Teen Action Records, 2013) which is named after the Black Flag EP (and the track names on here are named after the tracks on that EP) but it doesn’t really resemble them musically, other than a rule-breaking, anti-authoritative mindset. It’s paranoid, dissonant, formless, and not an easy listen. The second side features harsh sawing sounds underneath amorphous bubbles, and ends with a splashy puddle of sound which dissipates into night air.

Hiss & Hum tapes

Hiss & Hum tapes

The Seven lies tape is alright, but I’m honestly way more into the two Hiss & Hum tapes. This is Seven Lies member Capt. Dave Destroyer’s solo project, and he has an extensive series of home-recorded tapes that he just gives away. The left-most tape pictured here has Shut-In Tape #35 scrawled on it, and it has a lot of humming and hissing that you might guess a shut-in would make, but the second side in particular is really pretty. Just a really good not-too-long dose of laser blasting mixed with sparkly atmospheric sounds, and eventually blasted beats. Then it all burns out to a fiery crisp. The tape on the right is Psychic Death, and that has more of a balance/contrast (it gets hard to tell sometimes) between pretty and harsh noise textures. Second has harsh noisy Japanese-psych-ish guitar soloing and some Dylan Ettinger-ish vocals, and then it just gets completely overdriven with spacey noise-droning. It goes on for a while and it’s pretty mindblowing.

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