Blevin Blectum: Emblem Album (Aagoo Records, 2013)

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Blevin Blectum: Emblem Album

Blevin Blectum: Emblem Album

5th solo album (and first in 5 years) from the less showtuney half of Blectum From Blechdom, following the excellent Gular Flutter, also released by Aagoo. Playful blippy electronics and occasional neo-classical/baroque melodies. “Cromis Part One” starts out like Dan Deacon circa Bromst, adds hushed vocals, eventually leading to a counting of numbers which keeps stalling, before blasting off after reaching “9”. The song continues in the second part, mostly instrumentally. “Nanofancier” is a short noodly, tweety instrumental. “Deathrattlesnake” is a fast rapid drilly track, just as rattling and toxic as its title. “Basically Chunnelled” is a curiously minimal, sparkly, sinewavey track, which ends up with a throbbing beat, swinging-pendulum synths, and short-circuiting bursts of static. “Wrapped In Aw” seems to take off on a tangent from the previous track, adding squishy beats and more detailed/less minimal textures. “Harpsifloored” is where the baroque melodies come in, in the form of scrambling, overdriven harpsichord sounds, crashing into each other and shredding. “Goth Botch” is a slow, squirmy minimal techno track with damaged/malfunctioning spaceship sounds, and jarring louder-than-the-rest-of-the-mix zaps. “Manners Melting” is more harpsichord shredding, but this time it seems a little less chaotic, and seems to settle into a bit more of a pattern and be intentionally more pretty. “Sycamore Scarab” is a quiet, mysterious piece, sounding like a field recording from a haunted forest, with a few backwards sounds, insect-like noises, and plenty of space (the last minute is nearly silent).

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