Policy: Postscript LP (100% Silk, 2013)

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Policy: Postscript LP

Policy: Postscript LP

Policy has been on my radar since his “Emotional”/”Speed Of Life” digital single on Ill Cosby’s Car Crash Set label back in 2010. After a few 12″s and a digital album on Rush Hour, Policy is now releasing a full-length LP on 100% Silk, which also recently released a tape by Cosby. The 6 tracks on here all clock in around 6 minutes, and have bright melodic house vibes. Opener “Postscript 187” cuts it up microhouse style, with horn blasts and sprinkles of chimes and bits of vocals. “Grove Street Freeze” is sunny, chiming, melodic, and has a chipper bassline and a bit of the cut-n-paste lo-fi charm of the best of the 100% Silk roster, while still recalling classic deep house. “Rememberance” goes a little closer to the clipped, staccato sounds of UK garage, with hints of dramatic strings and another chiming melody. On the B-side, “Ghost In The Groove” is probably the most slamming 4/4 dance track, weaving a blanket of vocal samples and scattered piano chords, with a Derrick May-esque bassline tying it all together. “Wiseblood” goes for even more of a late-night Detroit skyline feel, cruising into the city with “E2-E4” faintly playing in the background. “Big Beast Anthem” ends the album with more of a techno headrush, pumping the tempo up a bit and using frequent crashing snare rushes. A fresh set of tracks from an always on-point producer.

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