Hydropark: untitled tapes (Life Like, 2013)

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Hydropark: first tape

Hydropark: first tape

Existing pretty far under the radar, this is a cosmic instrumental synth/drums project Fred Thomas has been working on with a couple other musicians. Two tapes have been released so far, both untitled. The first dates from April, and features soundtrack-y synthesizer tones and guitar loops, with occasional simmering, crashing and echoing drums. Side B is taken up by an epic meditation called “Everybody Wants To Go Swimming, Every Last One Worth Their Weight In Tomorrows”, which follows a lonely, shivering synth line and guitar, with more simmering, echoed panning drums, and later some laser-scapes. It’s a bit cold and isolated and even quite sad, and I’m in awe of it.

Hydropark: second tape

Hydropark: second tape

The second tape is just being released now as part of Life Like’s Winter 2013 bundle, but Encore had copies a few months ago, so I guess an early batch sneaked out. This one starts with a furious Krautrock/spacerock jam, with thundering motorik drumming and thick buzzing organ, and harsh waves of synth washing over everything. The second track has funkier drumming and more explosive, glimmering synths. It just goes on forever and seems to get more fried and spacey, then it just glops to a stop. Unfortunately the A-side of this tape comes mostly out of the right speaker, I’m hoping this was corrected when the winter batch was released, because this is a truly astounding tape that deserves to be heard correctly. But the second side plays fine, and features more spacey, jittery synth and thundering drums. Asteroid-destroying.

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