Sylvain Chauveau: Abstractions (flau, 2012)

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Sylvain Chauveau: Abstractions

Sylvain Chauveau: Abstractions

French guitarist/neo-classical composer Sylvain Chauveau, who has released albums on Type and Fatcat and released an entire album of Depeche Mode covers, presents an EP of remixes of his own work as well as other artists. The album starts with a dramatic string-based rendition of “Heart Beating” by Agoria, which has strikingly pop-sounding vocals that I wasn’t expecting. 2 is a slow, rusty remix of “Abstractions” by Chauveau’s project Arca (not the hip-hop producer of the same name), which lurches along a down-and-dirty beat and sudden controlled bursts of piercing distortion, and a few brief words spoken in Japanese. 3 is a remix of Paul Duncan (of Warm Ghost), which is pretty straightforward acoustic guitar folk, but it seems like the guitar might be looped a bit at points, and maybe the vocals are downplayed a bit. I’m not sure, I haven’t heard the original. 4 is a remix of Chauveau’s own “Dernière Etape Avant Le Silence”, a drizzly piece for strings and bells. 5 is a remix of Dutch indie-folk band At The Close Of Everyday, with David Sylvian-esque vocals sung in Dutch, and acoustic guitars, organs and other droning instruments, and a few touches of glitch/distortion. 6 is a remix of Chauveau’s own “A_”, which features his own vocals which sound even more like David Sylvian, almost strikingly so. The track is a blurry, static-y electrified drone with phrases of vocals worming their way throughout the mix. 7 is a remix of Félicia Atkinson & Elise Ladoué’s project StretchAndRelax, featuring more of Chauveau’s vocals (also, as on the previous track, alternating between straightforward and processed), along with piano which seamlessly switches between being played forward in reverse.

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