Lucrecia Dalt: Syzygy (Human Ear Music, 2013)

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Lucrecia Dalt: Syzygy

Lucrecia Dalt: Syzygy

Newest album from Julia Holter labelmate/tourmate Lucrecia Dalt, whose previous album Commotus came out last year, and recorded this album in Barcelona but has since relocated to Berlin. I didn’t spend a whole lot of time listening to her last album, so I’m not sure how this one compares, and she has some earlier albums as The Sound of Lucrecia and just Lucrecia, and I haven’t heard those. But this one has cold, prickly synths and dreamy, whispered vocals, in English, Spanish and Catalan. “Vitti” is the track that keeps sticking with me, starting with dirty lo-fi cascading synths, and vocals that remind me of MBV circa Isn’t Anything, but then fading to a quiet, primitive beat and a few spare guitar notes. “Volaverunt” has a spare, slow-moving creepy-movie vibe, accelerating a bit for its final two minutes. The lyrics to “Edgwise” are just a series of “u”s, and the song tiptoes from a very small beat through a wide resonant space. “Murmur” is a short piece with a ticking metronome beat and oscillations, and harsh metallic guitars which slowly creep in. The album ends with “Mirage”, another slow, creeping song with a ticking beat and soft, minimal, breathy vocals, and synths which gradually rise and glow.

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