Seams: Quarters (Full Time Hobby, 2013)

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Seams: Quarters

Seams: Quarters

Slow-building techno. Except for buzzy miniature “Pocket”, all the tracks are well over 4 minutes, with a few approaching 6. Tracks take their time building up elements, but use bright melodic textures and detailed beats. “Constants” sort of reminds me of a less fractured version of Mark Fell/Sensate Focus, although it changes directions and goes into something Booka Shade might’ve done circa Movements. “Sitcom Apartment” has some kling-klang beats and sparkly melodies, with everything coming together in the last minute. “Iceblerg” has itchy, cricket-like beats, and builds to a looped staccato melody. “Rilo” is an obvious highlight, with an alert beat and structure, and a pleasant melody. There’s also a false ending around 4:30, and the last minute or so reflects on the arpeggiating synth melody, before fading out. Overall, a fine set of jittery desktop techno.

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