Olekranon: Danaus CDr (Inam Records, 2013)

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Olekranon: Danaus

Olekranon: Danaus

Olekranon continues to be one of the most prolific under-the-radar experimental artists in music. This is his first release in a few years to have proper full-color packaging instead of a handmade cardboard sleeve, but it’s still a CD-r limited to 100 copies. It also seems more diverse than usual Olekranon releases, moving from hazy industrial drone to minimal techno-influenced beatscapes to bashy MBM-ish breakbeats and samples to bludgeoning feedback and sludgy beats (4) to crisp, crunchy midtempo noise-beat-drone. After a clangy, fuzzy interlude, “Severed” is a horizon-like drone with some crackling feedback at the end. “Marionette” is droning post-rock with crushing beats. “Fayad” is shivery, disheveled drone with a thumpy beat and a trace of sadness underneath all the bitter frustration. “Delicate Times” is a short feedback loop drone, and “Libertine” ends the album with nearly 8 minutes of softly pulsating cloud-drone. Available for purchase at Bandcamp, which also has several older Olekranon releases for download, most of which are free.

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