Eleven Pond: Assemblage LP (Dark Entries, 2013)

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Eleven Pond: Assemblage LP

Eleven Pond: Assemblage LP

Eleven Pond’s solo LP Bas Relief was released in 1986, and was reissued by Dark Entries in 2009, the first release on that label. This band only lasted for about a year after the release of that LP, but there were plenty of additional tracks recorded, so here’s a long-awaited release of this previously unheard material. It’s actually kind of mindblowing to hear some of these songs and hear that they were unreleased rehearsals and demos. And it’s also pretty crazy that this band was from a town like Rochester, NY, because they sound like they could’ve been a British band on Factory. “Watching Trees” from the previous LP appears here as a “bedroom demo”, but it just sounds so complete and familiar. It totally sounds like a song that could’ve been a huge ’80s goth club hit, but for some reason it wasn’t. And it’s not the only song on here that sounds like it could’ve been popular. “Blood Ruins Film” has arpeggiating synths, big metallic guitars, and ’80s synth-drums, and it’s kind of overwhelming for such a lo-fi new wave song. “Turn To Silence” is a seriously sweet, heartfelt melodic new wave song that could’ve been in some cheesy ’80s teen romance movie. “Green & Gold” is another starstruck, dramatic anthem with more awesome arpeggios, and a really cool crazy-edit breakdown. “Land Of Yellow” is slightly less polished and more scratchy and demo-ish, and is another sweetly catchy lonely-teen anthem about dreaming in candle light.

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