Eat Lights Become Lights: Modular Living (Rocket Girl, 2013)

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Eat Lights Become Lights: Modular Living

Eat Lights Become Lights: Modular Living

Synth-heavy instrumental neo-Krautrock. In the ’90s this probably would’ve been filed alongside bands like Trans Am. Motorik drum machine rhythms and atmospheric guitars, and plenty of arpeggiated, blooping synths. “MOD-ULO-510” could almost pass for a karaoke version of Kraftwerk’s “Pocket Calculator”, if it weren’t for the guitar feedback. “Rowly Way Overlook” and “Los Feliz To Griffith” break from the motorik rhythms for some Cluster/Eno ambience, with the former being rhythmic and almost ballet-like, and the latter being more free-flowing and cloudlike. “Life In The Sprawl” is warm, bubbling ambience with a soft 4/4 beat in the background, and then a fuller drumbeat blossoms in the second half of the song. “Chiba Prefecture” is futuristic shopping mall music, for you to buy trendy designer spacesuits to. “Electromagnetika” is sort of similar to the last couple Dan Deacon albums, but with more of an overt Krautrock influence. “Habitat ’67” cools everything down with a sublime string-synth-heavy pulse. Totally retro-futurist music.

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