Ken Camden: Space Mirror (Kranky, 2013)

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Ken Camden: Space Mirror (Kranky, 2013)

Ken Camden: Space Mirror (Kranky, 2013)

Cosmic spacey stuff from Implodes guitarist Ken Camden, drifting away from that band’s post-rock/shoegaze sound towards more ambient synth terrain. Arpeggiating synths, wooshing effects, interstellar guitars. Opener “Spectacle” has pretty guitar soloing. “Eta Carinae” is a little more subtle, sort of sounds like Cluster or Harmonia, but without drum machines. “Moon” almost has a sitar-like drone, but it definitely sounds electronic. Wide cosmic guitar trails swoop over it, and some snakelike synths slither over it towards the end. “Trapezium” is more glowing, dissolving synths, bright but with some darkness around the edges, and it turns into a flickering rhythmic pattern in the second half. “Antares” is more cosmic space-gaze, and “Dominic Sunset” reminds me more of Laurie Spiegel than anything Krautrock-related.

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