Food Pyramid: Ecstasy & Refreshment (Intercoastal Artists, 2013)

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Food Pyramid: Ecstast & Refreshment

Food Pyramid: Ecstast & Refreshment

Newest album from neo-Krautrock group. “Dexedream” kicks everything off starting straight into Neu! territory, with a motorik rhythm and echo-chamber vocals. “Pacifier” starts with brief rhythmic sound bursts, then gains a 4/4 dance beat and multiple female voices speaking different self-help monologues. “Deep Fantasy” is like Sun Araw but crazier, busier and more distorted, and lots of flying, delay-crazy vocals. “The High Life” is dedicated to Francis Bebey, whose excellent electronic works were released in 2011, and there’s definitely a bit of an Afrobeat influence, with funky repetitive guitar licks, but also Suicide organs and squiggly delay. “Maya Control” has even more of a distorted Afrobeat sound, with crunchy beats and industrialized chopped-up vocals. “GmbH” has stacatto uptempo beats and motorik guitars, and echo-covered spoken vocal samples, and then vocoders and female vocals. “Third Wave” has a slow mysterious pulse and waves of synth effects. “Marsh Bar” is also Sun Araw-like, with tropical electronic percussion, a spare, dubby bassline, and snatches of muddled vocals.

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