Pleq/Quinn Walker: split tape (Constellation Tatsu, 2012)

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Pleq/Quinn Walker: split tape

Pleq/Quinn Walker: split tape

I just reviewed Constellation Tatsu’s current batch of tapes, but I still have a ton of older releases stretching back to last fall that I keep meaning to post about, because they’re incredible too. This one is credited as a split, but it doesn’t seem as if each artist has created tracks independently of each other, it looks like more of a collaboration. The 5 tracks on this tape have waves of static and storm sounds, lots of wind and rain, and some heartbreaking drones. Kind of feels like standing out in the freezing, pouring rain and wind, but somehow in a romantic way. Frigid and blustery, but still with plenty of life to it. “Continuum” ends with some gliding MBV-like bent waves, except it sounds more like an organ than guitar, or most likely both combined. “Unearthing The Past” has a bit of a pulse and even a sort of bassline, and sheets of guitar feedback. “Darkness Shall Cover The Earth” couldn’t possibly end up on a bright note, and so it ends up smothering everything in static until there’s nothing left to smother.

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