Xex: Change LP (Dark Entries, 2013)

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Xex: Change

Xex: Change

Unreleased second album by NJ synth-pop group Xex. This was recorded in 1981 (a year after their classic Group: Xex, which Dark Entries reissued a couple years ago) and is only seeing the light of day now. A little more serious/less wacky than the first album, not as much of the funny call-and-response vocals and perky melodies/tempos, still quite a bit of the same sort of morbid sense of humor, but not quite as biting. The tracks seem to be a little bit slower and more drawn out, instead of quick, punchy and goofy. They seem a bit more aimed at exploring a groove and making people dance, even while they’re exploring darkly humorous topics (see “Dance Of The Limbless)”. Still quite a good bit of social commentary, with the opening track comparing people to fast food, and “Vietnam Vet” (with its machine-gun synth-drum fills) sort of a cousin of the first album’s “Rome On $5 A Day”. “Fun In The Sun” is slow and actually quite gloomy, in contrast to the song’s title. Sort of reminds me of ADULT.’s new album, and how that’s such a dark, slow contrast to their earlier work. A little bit of a Change, but still undeniably Xex. Plus the band members had the best pseudonyms ever: Alex Zander, Thumbalina Guglielmo, Waw Pierogi, and Jon-Boy Diode.

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