Shells: In A Cloud LP (Life Like, 2013)

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Shells: In A Cloud LP

Shells: In A Cloud LP

First solo LP from Shelley Salant, expanding her solo guitar style from the tapes she’s been putting out, but also adding some more experimental textures. Her last tape was more ethereal and dreamy, and this one gets a little rougher and more distorted. “Beginning” starts things off straightforward enough, but then “Warm Dub” tosses things wayward with distorted, twisted echo effects. “Grass” drifts along in the breeze, but there’s some sort of hidden undercurrent, sounds like something’s playing backwards very softly underneath. “Raining” has a calm, pretty melody, but it’s blown out and distorted with all sorts of warped, corroded amplification. “Beach” is way toos hort for a song with such a lovely melody, and it gets kind of unraveled for a few seconds, flipping backwards and segueing into the lonely, drifty railroad blues of “All Things Must Pass”. “Not So Wild A Dream” is a layered, looped, tremolo-heavy piece, which ends with a bit more backwards effects, before plunging into “Wash Over”, an electrified, feedback-heavy piece which hits similar to the way the loud guitar comes in at the beginning of “No Aloha” by The Breeders. “New Era” does something completely different, covering a backwards guitar loop with crashing, freeform drumming.

Free record release show for Shells and Rebel Kind next Thursday at Canterbury House in Ann Arbor!


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