Violeta Vil: Lápidas y Cocoteros (Young Cubs Records, 2013)

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Violeta Vil: Lápidas y Cocoteros

Violeta Vil: Lápidas y Cocoteros

Dream-pop from Spain via Venezuela, Chile and the Canary Islands, with shadowy female vocals in Spanish, drum machines as well as live drums, gauzy synths and gazey guitars. Some woodnlock-sounding percussion, but I would hesitate to call their sound anything close to “tropicalia”. But there’s definitely some Factory Records vibes here, plus some bits that sound like psychedelic ’60s pop songs where they’d bring in a harpsichord, even though this band isn’t actually using an instrument like that. Easy standout tracks are the opening title track, “Amish”, the peculiar beach-psycch of “Tormentas (Sonrisas)”, and the 4/4 shoegaze-disco-psych thump of “La Pericona”. This leads into a bunch of remixes that end the album, the best being Not Not Fun associate Cuticle’s murky take on “Amish”.

Minus the remixes, you can listen to the album here.

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