Kitchen + The Plastic Spoons: Screams To God LP (Dark Entries, 2013)

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Kitchen + The Plastic Spoons: Screams To God

Kitchen + The Plastic Spoons: Screams To God

Totally nutty anthology of a Swedish new wave band who only put out 2 singles in their short lifetime, which were compiled onto CD with demos, live tracks and other stuff in 2007. This is basically a vinyl version of that, minus the live tracks. Musically, it’s mostly fast post-punk (although some of the songs are slower and more goth-y) driven by squiggly synthesizers, which sound completely awesome. And the vocals are dramatic, heavily accented, and off the wall. The lyrics are mostly in English, and even if they’re hard to understand, they seem to mix positive feelings with a dark edge. “Happy Funeral” sounds just like that, all dressed in black while dancing to Devo synths. “Fantastic” is a bit slower, and ends with the title word repeated manically under an avalanche of squiggly synths. Track 5 is titled “Ice Cream To God”, even though the singer’s saying “I screamed to God but he didn’t hear”, and it ends with the band clapping excitedly. “(-)” is an instrumental which starts with a collage of frogs, whales, wolves, and one of the band members blowing his nose played backwards, along with a ticking metronome rhythm, and guitars and drums come in along with wolves howling. “The Poet” and “Filmen” feature a male vocalist named Iodine Jupiter, and it’s tempting to compare him to Einar Örn or Fred Schneider, but not really as demented as those guys. “Liberty” is described as the band’s “one true pop song” in the liner notes, which makes you wonder why it was just an unreleased demo, and the song was rarely played live. “Psch” is named after the synth sound that constantly plays throughout the song, and has the most dramatic, almost operatic vocals on the album. It’s also slower than most of the album, sort of gets into a vaguely surfy rhythm, and has some ridiculous synth soloing towards the end.

Reading the liner notes, it seems that this band simply couldn’t get their shit together and the music business didn’t really know what to do with them, which is understandable given how quirky and DIY they were. But at least they were able to put some ideas to tape, and of course it’s awesome that Dark Entries is bringing their music to vinyl again. Nice glossy sleeve, too.

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