Belaboris: Once Upon A Time LP (Dark Entries, 2013)

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Belaboris: Once Upon A Time

Belaboris: Once Upon A Time

Dark Entries anthologizes short-lived early-’80s Finnish female synth-pop group Belaboris, named after Lugosi and Karloff. Not quite as gothy as you might expect from the name, it’s mostly upbeat, fun minimal synth-pop, with light synths and a touch of new-wave guitar. “Odotus” is the clear standout, just a really catchy, blissfully happy synth-pop anthem. The cover of Serge Gainsbourg’s “Babypop” is up there too. “Monsteribaari” is a tense, speedy one with sinister laughter and some sort of clinking metal or glass sounds. There’s also demo versions of album highlights “Odotus” and “Kolme Askelta”, with “Kolme Askelta” clearly sounding more rock-like than the version on the first side, which has a thudding drum machine, as opposed to the live drums and guitar on the demo. And the demo of “Odotus” isn’t a whole lot different, it just lacks the cool guitar line on the finished version. The album ends on a slow, spooky note with “Rakkauden Jälkeen”, a dark, haunted-chapel ballad that starkly contrasts with the rest of the album.

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