Dan Deacon: Konono Ripoff No 1 7″ (Domino, 2013)

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Dan Deacon: Konono Ripoff No 1 7"

Dan Deacon: Konono Ripoff No 1 7″

So, Record Store Day. I waited a half hour in line at Wazoo Records to see if they got the reissue of the first Half Japanese album, and they didn’t (I found it somewhere else, maybe I’ll review it soon), but I got this Dan Deacon 7″ instead. The title, of course, is in tribute to Congolese group Konono Nº1, who create amplified percussion instruments made from salvaged junkyard parts. Dan Deacon’s own recent music has been heavily percussion-based and polyrhythmic, so it’s easy to see the influence of Konono on his music. This 7″ has two versions of the same song, the A-side featuring regular Deacon collaborators Jeremy Hyman (ex-Ponytail) and Kevin O’Meara (of Videohippos, are they still around? I only saw them once briefly during a Wham City Round Robin and I always wanted to see them again) on drums, and some typical Deacon vocals layered (some wacky and pitched, others majestic and chanty). The B-side version is instrumental and has Denny Bowen of Double Dagger and Dave Jacober (Future Islands collaborator) on drums, and a bit of buzzing electronics. Both sides go by quickly and put a smile on your face (as would be expected of a Dan Deacon 7″), but I think I like the B-side version better.

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