Quicksails: Mayville Dream LP (Spectrum Spools, 2013)

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Quicksails: Mayville Dream LP

Quicksails: Mayville Dream LP

Continuing Spectrum Spools’ quest to unearth the best of the current American underground experimental scene, we have an album from Quicksails, AKA Ben Billington of Tiger Hatchery, Moonrises, Circuit De Yeux and others. He’s already put out tapes and LPs on Digitalis Limited, NNA Tapes, Pizza Night, 905 Tapes, and more. At times, this effort has kind of a slick, almost jazzy tone that I wasn’t expecting, but it’s very welcome. There’s plenty of distortion and smeared guitar noise, and of course analog synths, but there’s some clean pianos (see “Institute’s Innards”) and hand percussion (as on opener “The Many Roads Towards Mayville”) along with the sparky synths. “As High Above The Lightning” contains several layers of synths spouting off radioactive shards arrhythmically, but still in kind of a melodic way. “Only Escape” is a quiet melty-chime ambient track. “Bemus Has Wings To Fly” has clicking arpeggiated synths with warped, wacked out dialogue. “Closer To Towanda” is where we get into some slow, dramatic, down-and-out organ, drums and clapping, which ends up getting fast and freaky with some flutes and tweeting synths for the last 45 seconds or so. “Night Bats” has a cool new agey melody, a slow 3/4 beat, live drums with lots of cymbals, and plenty of synths buzzing and blooping around. “Dancing By Yourself” is a straight-up Krautrock synth rhythm, but with tons of hand percussion, and all sorts of bizarre noises whizzing around underneath. “A Late Realization” ends the album on kind of a strange downer note, with frowning synths and rapidfire noises which sound like the electronic equivalent of several sticks of dynamite going off in succession, but it ends up with with a fuzzy abstract rhythm over some strange disconnected synth sounds. Overall, a varied, exciting and sometimes classy (sure, why not) LP.

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