Lower Plenty: Hard Rubbish (Fire, 2013)

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Lower Plenty: Hard Rubbish

Lower Plenty: Hard Rubbish

Domestic issue of an LP from last year. Australian lo-fi indie-pop, which is curiously quiet and laid-back considering the other bands these folks are in (Total Control, Deaf Wish, UV Race, Dick Diver). The songs are mostly acoustic, scruffy-sounding, and short (the entire album is 23 minutes long), and alternate between male and female vocals. There’s kind of a nervous demeanor to these songs, with the occasional cryptic lyric (such as “Strange Beast”‘s “the mirror is science fiction”) and a few bursts of controlled noise, like the guitar mess underneath “Dirty Flowers”. “How Low Can A Punk Get” (which has nothing to do with the Bad Brains song of the same name) has some sort of rattling or scraping sound in the background, and sad yet hopeful lyrics. Really the main reason this caught my attention is the last song, “Close Enough”, which is just awesome. Awkwardly crashing cymbals, nervous girl vocals, buzzing strings (not really bass-like), and great lyrics (variations on “I was close enough to the light just to see the fading of the dark”, “In my mind you had no legs to stand on”), and some more controlled guitar noise at the end of the song. Charming and strangely hopeful in spite of its sadness and uneasiness.

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