Sujo: Ondan CDr (Inam Records, 2013)

April 11, 2013 at 9:40 pm | Posted in Reviews | 1 Comment

Sujo: Ondan

Sujo: Ondan

Every couple months, we at WCBN get a mysterious package from Inam Records containing a super-limited CDR, usually from one of the label’s core projects (Olekranon, Sujo, Vopat, and sometimes Korperschwache). They’re all super high quality, and sometimes my radio show is thanked in the liner notes. Following Sujo’s LP debut on the Fedora Corpse label, a collab CDR with Sun Hammer and the previous Sujo CDR (Repent), here’s Ondan, which is actually an expanded edition of a digital EP. The title track starts us off with two and a half minutes of meandering fuzz before a sudden eruption of triumphant black metal drumming and riffs, which are clear and driving, but still shower everyone in sight with sparks of distortion. “Lost Numbers” is two minutes of screeching feedback and slow, reversed eerie tones. “Gaol” layers patterns of bashed drums and cymbals, rumbling noise and feedback, and gradually builds it and adds new layers and dimensions until it’s stunning on multiple levels. “Mrk 421” is a blur of distorted drone and far-away junky percussion. “Peste” brings back the black metal drums and riffs, and it’s dizzying and confusing at first, you’re not quite sure how to follow it, if it’s going fast or slow. But the slow, majestic chords lead the way through the choking feedback and fiery guitar noise. “Oxide” ends the disc with 8 minutes of bright electric drone with whirring and crackling buried underneath, with a really gorgeous oceanic feel during the second half. Again, more really incredible stuff from Sujo and Inam. Check it out here, as of now 4 copies are still available.

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