FWY: Any Exit tape (Moon Glyph, 2013)

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FWY!: Any Exit

FWY!: Any Exit

Newest tape from Edmund Xavier of Teenage Panzerkorps and Horrid Red. Continues the sort of “lonesome desert highway drive” feel of last year’s San Clemente tape (also on Moon Glyph), but branches out a little. Still lots of minimal, tinny drum machine beats and New Order-ish guitar, with a bit more emphasis on ambience, and a tiny bit more dance-ness. “Any Exit (Anywhere)” starts the tape with leisurely drum machine, guitar and organ drone. “Irvine” is an 11 minute odyssey which pauses halfway through, dispenses with guitar and switches to a more intimate beat pattern, then ends with some soft 4/4 beats. “Evil Downtown” has a big driving bass guitar, and sounds like it’s a little furious at all the stupid people crowing the city streets, but then we get back on “710 Again” and everything’s pleasant, with more Peter Hook-like bass and some bongo-sounding percussion. “Orange Circle” sounds like a variation on the previous track, but without the bongos, and adding some creepy synth ambience. “Sepulveda” keeps it minimal with an upfront beatbox rhythm, clean guitar, soft synth, and a burst of loud, ringing guitar towards the end. “Garden Grove” has a 4/4 beat and gets somewhat dancey, especially with the bongo sounds added later in the track, which are used quite sparingly. The tape ends with “Pink Dust”, a quiet, melancholy piano-lead ambient track.

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