EVOL: Proper Headshrinker LP (Editions Mego, 2013)

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EVOL: Proper Headshrinker

EVOL: Proper Headshrinker

Newest album from rave-noise deconstructionists EVOL. All tracks are exactly 3 minutes long and consist of one sound looped for the track’s duration, and they’re all squirmy, buzzy synth patterns. Sort of feels like an audio Magic Eye puzzle, the type of thing where if you sit and concentrate long enough, you’ll start to see something emerge. Or, more likely, you just won’t get it at all and think it’s a waste of time. Of course, if you actually do listen close enough, particularly on headphones, you do notice minor variations, and it produces some strange effects swerving and worming its way through your head. All the tracks stop cold at 3 minutes, so they jolt you out of whatever state you’re in for a few seconds before the next track starts. Oh, and of course, once you’re done listening, taking your headphones off and standing in silence will make your ears feel like they’ve been swabbed out with laced Q-tips. The tracks with slightly more variation and more complex patterns end up being the highlights (particularly the better moments on the second side), and it seems like something that could be easily used as a neat DJ or sound collage tool, but sitting and listening to the entire thing loudly in one shot is an experience that is bound to affect your brain in some way or another.

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