Saturday Looks Good To Me: self-titled LP reissue + Love Will Find You LP reissue (Polyvinyl, 2013)

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Saturday Looks Good To Me: self-titled

Saturday Looks Good To Me: self-titled

So the fact that SLGTM has reformed with a new lineup, is playing shows again, and will be releasing a new album this May, is certainly welcome, exciting news for sure. But something at least as exciting is the fact that Polyvinyl has reissued some of the band’s earliest material on vinyl. The band’s self-titled album was originally released on vinyl on a mysterious label called Hereforeveralways (which would end up being the name of one of my favorite His Name Is Alive songs a few years later), but then was given an expanded CD reissue on Fred Thomas’s previous, now-defunct label, Ypsilanti Records. I bought that in college when I first got into this band, and it’s always been a favorite of mine, being a weirder, not-quite-developed version of the band that released All Your Summer Songs and Every Night. So now having this album on blue marbled vinyl is flooding back a lot of memories. Similar to Stars On ESP-era HNIA, this band has sort of a warped time-machine take on ’60s pop, sort of taking Phil Spector’s wall of sound to a not-necessarily-logical conclusion, and allowing bits of dub, noise, Afrobeat and whatever else seep in. The whole album is incredible, but the majority of the first side is just truly mindblowing to me, still to this day. It starts with a different, Ted Leo-less version of “Ambulance”, with no drums and lots of noisy dub delay. This goes into “I Wish I Could Cry”, which Erika Hoffmann-Dilloway sings, and is just a really crazy over-distorted bopping early rock-and-roll style song. “Ladder” is another gloriously echo-drenched song, with lots of midnight sax and a bit in the middle where the two vocalists do a brief spoken dialogue part. After this is a short song called “Obstacle” which carries on the melody from “Ladder”, and this segues perfectly into “Everyday” a truly incredible song which just goes off the deep end with distortion and delay and dub effects during the second part of the song. I just love this sort of weird dub-noise-pop that SLGTM did so well back in the day that nobody else really seemed to do anything like. I don’t want to go through every track on this album, but they’re all great, there’s some slow jams, some more confused/disturbed type moments, some crazy distortion effects, and some bird calls. It’s essential. If you didn’t buy the CD release, you can get it on vinyl now, so do it.

Saturday Looks Good To Me: Love Will Find You

Saturday Looks Good To Me: Love Will Find You

Also now out on vinyl is Love Will Find You, which I think was supposed to be released on Polyvinyl around the time of All Your Summer Songs, but ended up only being given a really limited CDR release at one show, or something like that. If you’ve been following the band all this time, you’ll probably recognize most of the songs in some form or another, as a bunch of them have been on singles, compilations, other albums, and the Sound On Sound rarities CD comp that Redder Records released in 2006. But this vinyl issue has 19 tracks worth of rare early SLGTM, including a vastly superior version of “Diary” to the one that Polyvinyl released on a CD EP in 2003. There’s also lots of Erika vocals, all the “Store” songs (“Liquor Store”, “Record Store”, “Pet Store”), and a whole bunch of songs on side B of this record that weren’t on the original CDR (not that I had a copy of that anyway). And different version of “We Can’t Work It Out” (this one has a drum machine) and “Lift Me Up” and “Just Keep Walking” than the ones on Every night. I feel like there’s a couple songs I hadn’t heard before, or at least they didn’t stand out to me before, like “Parking Lot Blues” and “I Get So Excited”. Anyway, another incredible reissue, so glad to own both of these on vinyl now.

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