Isengrind/TwinSisterMoon/Natural Snow Buildings: The Snowbringer Cult (Students of Decay, 2008/reissued Ba Da Bing, 2013)

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Isengrind/TwinSisterMoon/Natural Snow Buildings: The Snowbringer Cult

Isengrind/TwinSisterMoon/Natural Snow Buildings: The Snowbringer Cult

I guess I’ve been missing out on Natural Snow Buildings, they’ve been releasing CD-Rs for over a decade, and only in recent years have there been larger-scale CD and vinyl releases. Last year Ba Da Bing reissued a triple CDR from 2008 called Night Coercion Into The Company Of Witches, and I dug what I heard from that when we got it at the radio station, but now we got this double CD featuring music from both the duo’s solo projects as well as NSB proper, and I’m pretty enthralled by the whole thing. The general tone seems to be dark psychedelic raga-drone-folk, with sitars and flutes and some percussion. The Isengrind tracks tend to feature far-off wordless vocals and small handheld rattly percussion, while the TwinSisterMoon tracks tend to feature more pounding drum rhythms, and harsh droning textures mixed with gentle acoustic melodies. There’s also a few tracks of fragile, close-miked acoustic folk, sort of like Vashti Bunyan, but with more of an amplified contact mic sort of feel. The disc’s final track, “Understars”, has a more distorted vocal and just a really heartbreaking melody. Just an absolutely devastating song. The second disc, which is all Natural Snow Buildings, obviously has a little bit more of a fuller sound, being a collaborative project instead of solo, and there’s a bit more room to stretch out, with a few tracks topping 10 minutes. Again, just really dark, transformative, hypnotic drones. Being 4 vinyl LP’s worth of music, it’s a lot to digest, but it’s easy to get lost in, so this has been on repeat a lot more than most things I listen to for review purposes. Incredible stuff.

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