Bill Baird: Spring Break Of The Soul 2LP (Pau Wau Records, 2013)

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Bill Baird: Spring Break Of The Soul

Bill Baird: Spring Break Of The Soul

I reviewed one of this guy’s older albums for the radio station a few years ago, but that was more of a droney experimental thing. This one is sunny, beachy indie-pop, with detailed instrumentation and quirky, playful humor. The first side of this 2LP monster contains a chillwave cover of Christopher Cross’s “Sailing”, which you think would’ve happened in 2009, but somehow it didn’t. It’s actually kind of perfect. On side 2, “Sewage Sirens” segues into “Bow Down To The Brain”, and both have pitched down vocals which definitely bring to mind Ween. Which makes me consider that this album might be a modern, post-chillwave era update of The Mollusk, with a pleasant spring break theme replacing shiver-me-timbers piratry. “Lost At Sea” is a bright, echo-heavy pop song with lots of pianos and cellos. Tracks 7-10 are mostly instrumental, with “Big Sur Reverie” being more light and uptempo, and “Marooned” sounding appropriately lost. “Black Fritz” is more lowdown and bluesy, with distorted guitar licks and cello. “Lake Eerie” features more heavy, deep strings, but in a twisted, sinister manner. “Shave” brings back vocals, with a laidback beat and more strings, and this beat leads into “Blob”, a spoken word rant about mass consumerism, which seems to introduce a story but I’m not sure if the rest of the songs are supposed to be part of that story. “Inflated Head” is another brief spoken word piece over some clanky percussion. “Les Paul Pointillistic” is another jaunty guitar instrumental which again can’t help but bring to mind Ween for some reason. The album ends with “Santa Claus Of The South”, another fuzz-heavy epic with a hidden ending.

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