Seabat: Crescent ParC LP (Constellation Tatsu, 2012)

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Seabat: Crescent ParC

Seabat: Crescent ParC

First vinyl release on Constellation Tatsu, and it is astonishing. Seriously gorgeous outerspace planetarium music to ponder the cosmos to. describes a seabat as something that would shoot up out of the water, harassing sailors, shooting hypnotizing beams of light from its eyes, and making siren-like sounds that would drive sailors insane and cause them to dive into the ocean. While I wouldn’t describe this music as deadly or menacing as that description, it definitely is otherworldly. Lots of arpeggiating rhythms and swooping synths, some playfully mangled vocal samples and just a general sense of curious strangeness. Lots of swooping and gliding involved, and the artwork definitely fits, as it feels very sunny and beach-like, yet staring towards the open sky. Last track is a two-parter called “South Asian Real Estate” which gets kind of sinister with chant-like sounds, and ends the album on a dark vibe, but not really a depressing one.

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