Moira Scar: Scarred For Life LP (Resipiscent, 2013)

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Moira Scar: Scarred For Life

Moira Scar: Scarred For Life

Skronky, art-damaged freak-rock from a band that sounds like they wear weird costumes on stage, even before you look at the drawing of them doing so in the liner notes, or look up pictures of them online. Brings to mind a darker, more death-rock version of a quirky ’90s indie rock group along the lines of Thinking Fellers (but maybe not quite as out there as Caroliner, speaking of costume bands). Plenty of sax, spooky organ and synth/organ, and howling vocals. The instrumentation and musicianship is kind of sloppy, especially on the more out-there jammy tracks (lookin’ at you, track 3), but the more straightforward songs (such as “Space Time Resonators”) shred pretty hard. The title track is 6-minute epic with quasi-operatic vocals, which breaks into a melodic indie-pop gem for a minute or so (indie-popera?). “Telepathos” sort of sounds like Le Tigre’s younger goth cousin; riot grrrl new-wave alternating between girly and operatic vocals. “Transblister” is another lazer-assisted garage-punk tune with wailing, dramatic vocals. The album ends with “Tarantula Tangoid”, a dark and circus-freaky instrumental with dueling organs and horns. Definitely at home on the same label as Fat Worm Of Error and Ritualistic School Of Errors.

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