Mueran Humanos: El Circulo/La Langosta (Vanity Case Records, 2013)

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Mueran Humanos: El Circulo/La Langosta

Mueran Humanos: El Circulo/La Langosta

Hypnotic, repetitive industrial?psych? with Spanish lyrics. “El Circulo” has a minimal, delay-heavy drum machine beat, blinking synths, and slightly distorted vocals. Vocals and guitars and beat get a bit more furious and distorted at times, but it mostly stays in the same straightforward mode. “La Langosta” is slower, quieter, softer, and not furious at all. It has another minimal, thumpy beat, but languid keyboards and cricket-like sounds throughout the song. The vocals are calm and chantlike, but they’re only present for a few minutes, and the rest of the track goes on a long mostly-instrumental journey of chirping, bubbling, droning synths and guitars. There’s almost sort of an Eastern tinge to some of the guitars, and some more upfront blissful organ droning in the latter half of the song. Some more vocals come in, as well as a little undercurrent of feedback, but it mostly sticks to the same chilled out repetitive vibe, and the same thumpy minimal beat, but with some occasional delay and noise effects flaring up.

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