Charity Blackstock: 3″ cdr (Fedora Corpse, 2012)

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Charity Blackstock: 3" cdr

Charity Blackstock: 3″ cdr

Fedora Corpse usually releases vinyl (and MP3s), and all of their vinyl releases are high quality. It looks like they put out a few very limited 3″ CDR releases late last year, though, and this is one of them, limited to 12 copies and probably not available anymore. 4 tracks of crushing noise feedback, packaged in some sort of wallpaper-like golden-stamped paisley pattern. “Tatami” starts and definitely has some sort of subliminal voice action going on in the background. It vibrates with enough intensity to suggest some sort of beat or rhythm, sort of. “Train” could sort of suggest a train-like rhythm, but sped up and extremely amplified with metallic distortion. It arrives at a very blissed-out sound, and I wish it went longer than just 4 minutes, as it fades out kind of abruptly. “Teapot” isn’t quite as noisy as the others, focusing on a buzzing, dark drone which continually sways for its 4-minute duration. “Tripod” returns to the noise, pounding its way through a storm of feedback for 6 minutes. It seems to generally stay in the same place, just oscillating with varying degrees of intensity, and with some pounding pulsations, a bit more randomly at first but forming a frequent rhythm during the last couple minutes. Seriously intense, but not impenetrably harsh noise. Very nicely done.

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