Daniel Bachman: Oh Be Joyful (Debacle Records, 2012)

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Daniel Bachman: Oh Be Joyful

Daniel Bachman: Oh Be Joyful

Young musician Daniel Bachman is one of many continuing the legacies of fingerstyle guitarists such as John Fahey and Robbie Basho. I will never fancy myself as much of a folk guy, but neither did a lot of these musicians, and I can never get enough of this type of instrumental guitar music. This guy designed artwork for a posthumous Jack Rose LP on Thrill Jockey, and he’s wasted no time getting his own work out there, putting out a considerable amount of CDs, CDRs, LPs, cassettes and 7″s on a variety of labels, such as Dying For Bad Music and Feeding Tube. Tompkins Sqaure (basically the most major label for this type of music right now) released his Seven Pines album on CD and vinyl, and this one is released by One Kind Favor on LP and Debacle on CDr. Basically, it’s him doing what he does best, namely fine fingerstyle steel guitar instrumentals. Nice rollicking rhythms, but also some more contemplative, atmospheric pieces, including an 11-minute raga called “Sita Ram (Who Is God)”. “Rove Ryley Rove/Wild Bill Jones/Darling Cory” is a duet featuring banjo by Charlie Devine, and “The Bridge Of Flowers” features Ryley Walker, I assume accompanying Bachman on guitar, I can’t hear much other than guitar on that song. “West 45th St.” ends the album on a quiet, contemplative note, sounding like looking up at the sky and wilderness after either a long day, or at the crack of dawn after a long night.

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