Crush Collision 10/06/11

October 8, 2011 at 2:16 am | Posted in Crush Collision | Leave a comment

i went first this time… i think it turned out pretty well. i’ll be at zola jesus + xanopticon at the blind pig next week, so no crush collision for me, tyler will be doing both hours then.

Crush Collision 10/06/11

10:04 PM orbital ~ impact USA (the earth is burning)
10:13 PM ital ~ ital’s theme
10:17 PM vapourspace ~ rays
10:24 PM hombre ojo ~ chico
10:30 PM neil landstrumm ~ ponytail
10:32 PM BLAWAN ~ what you do with what you have
10:37 PM narcotic syntax ~ merenguerellia
10:42 PM dettinger/jonas bering ~ intershop
10:46 PM cosmin TRG ~ want you to be
10:49 PM martyn ~ distortions
10:54 PM whirpool productions ~ from disco to disco
10:59 PM nightmares on wax ~ aftermath

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