Crush Collision 9/22/11 + 9/29/11

October 1, 2011 at 8:04 pm | Posted in Crush Collision | Leave a comment

i keep forgetting to post these here. so basically me and tyler carr have been doing crush collision together, he usually does the first hour and i do the second, so i’m posting the hours that i did here.

Crush Collision 9/22/11
no tracklist because i didn’t write it down. it’s more or less all detroit techno.

Crush Collision 9/29/11
11:03 PM sender berlin ~ das labyrinth
11:09 PM glenn underground ~ rising son
11:11 PM silvanian families ~ change my heart
11:14 PM akufen ~ polytrick
11:17 PM andreas tilliander ~ let booty loose
11:20 PM farben ~ swinn off
11:25 PM benjamin fehr (ffwd) ~ consequences
11:32 PM bam bam ~ where’s your child
11:37 PM 2 men on wax ~ bad smoke
11:40 PM larry heard ~ teleportation
11:42 PM cosmic revenge ~ memories
11:47 PM LFO ~ tan ta ra (moby remix)
11:50 PM lone ~ rapid racer
11:54 PM kikumoto all stars ~ DCO
11:58 PM james jack rabbit ~ let us have love (step by acid)

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