Crush Collision 2/22/18

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I won’t be doing Crush Collision again until late next month, when I get back from BANGFACE!!! 😀
Hour 1
10:00 pm Barry Warner ~ “Losing Control”
10:04 pm K-LONE ~ “Clouds”
10:09 pm Troy Gunner ~ “Esperanza”
10:11 pm Radio Slave ~ “With You”
10:17 pm John Barera & Will Martin ~ “Night Train”
10:22 pm Iron Curtis ~ “Captured”
10:27 pm The Juan Maclean ~ “The Brighter The Light (Octo Octa Remix)”
10:31 pm Levon Vincent ~ “Kissing”
10:36 pm Tiefschwarz & Yawk ~ “South”
10:43 pm The Cyclist ~ “Chime”
10:46 pm J. Albert ~ “Smoke and Mirrors”
10:52 pm G-Prod ~ “D-Light”
10:59 pm Vitalic ~ “Cosmic Rain”
Hour 2
11:00 pm The Abstract Eye ~ “Nobody Else”
11:03 pm Eduardo De La Calle ~ “Mr Dewey D”
11:09 pm Primitive Trust ~ “Little Love (Floorplan Remix)”
11:15 pm Overmono ~ “Phase Magenta”
11:20 pm Acid Mondays ~ “Universal Rhythm (The Maghreban Soul Mix)”
11:24 pm Santiago Salazar ~ “Prolonged Effect”
11:28 pm CJW ~ “Midarg”
11:32 pm Serena Butler ~ “Deep Sea Dive”
11:37 pm Mod3llr ~ “Rebel Approach”
11:44 pm Makeness ~ “Micro Boss”
11:48 pm Eric Copeland ~ “Mixer Shredder (Machine Woman Remix)”
11:51 pm MANASYt ~ “Mobile Pharmacy (Via App Remix)”
11:58 pm Justin Zerbst ~ “Places”


William Price: Rush Hour (Ablaze Records, 2017)

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William Price: Rush Hour

Mind-altering electro-acoustic works from Birmingham composer William Price, inspired by abstract art, literature, and everyday scenarios. Lots of granular processing and manipulation of voices and instruments, transforming the sounds entirely; dipping them in acid, making them sharper and jagged, making them wet and bubbly. His usage of voices, particularly in “2 Days in the Tank” (which has a particularly liquid-like feel, and is based on manipulations of the title of Charles Bukowski’s The Drunk Tank Judge) and the especially otherworldly “Spline”, are incredibly haunting, blurring and distorting the lines between the familiar and unfamiliar. Brief pieces are alternated with longer, more ambitious ones, and two of them focus on non-electronic instruments. “Sans Titre V” is a lengthy piece for amplified cello, which constnatly shifts between more graceful, melodic sections, abrasive interjections, and silence, with a chilly glow of reverb over everything. “Rush Hour” is a three-movement piece featuring tenor saxophone, which interacts with Price’s electro-acoustics. At times they alter the saxophone, and at one point (during the first movement) they end up forming a fast, jazzy rhythm perfect for zipping along the highways. The short piece “WOOSH” is apparently based on notes originally played by a toy saxophone, recorded using ProTools and manipulated using granular synthesis software. Price’s sound design is consistently impressive, and the compositions are all entertaining as well as thought-provoking.

Ω▽ (Ohmslice): Conduit LP (Imaginator Records, 2017)

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Ω▽ (Ohmslice): Conduit LP

This NY-based improv ensemble utilizes two drummers, one of which is fed through a modular synthesizer, courtesy of Bradford Reed (who was in King Missile!!!), inventor of what he calls the pencilina. On several tracks, Jane LeCroy delivers stream-of-consciousness poetry over all of this, reminding me of Lydia Tomkiw (Algebra Suicide) but with more of an acerbic edge, and with a freer sense of dynamics. She sing-songs about wanting to get away by any means necessary on opening track “Crying on a Train”, and “Get Matter” is more free-associative and ponders the infinite complexities of the universe, but ultimately determines that “you don’t matter” in a cold, punishing, matter-of-fact way. “Gravity” sounds like it has a didgeridoo but it doesn’t, it must be the magical, sound-transforming powers of the pencilina. After the dark ambient rumblings of “Rusty Ground” is the ominous yet free, unforced doom-jazz of “Paint by Numbered Days”. Closing instrumental “Ohm’s Awe” is like some strange complex structure come to life and lifting off the ground, rotating and emitting wonderful music.

Tatira: The Light Will Disappear CDr (Inam Records, 2018)

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Tatira: The Light Will Disappear CDr

The latest Inam Records release may be the first one that I’ve seen arrive in a standard CD jewel case. The artwork is bright white with clear lettering, and much of the music is also surprisingly accessible. It combines drone and techno the way other recent Inam releases have, but the majority of the tracks here are punchy and somewhat shiny and polished. There’s even something approaching chords to some of them, and bits of new wave and progressive house elements. At least compared to some of the more dour Inam releases, this is a lot sunnier and brighter-sounding. “All Is Seen” goes on for nine minutes, and it gradually picks up a growling bass lump which sneaks up on you, and can be quite terrifying if you’re driving. Like a lot of these tracks, this one stops suddenly and dovetails into the next one. Some tracks are fully ambient (“The Absentee”, “Son of Machines”), but then there’s other lengthy beat-driven ones, like “Merciful Tyrant”. “Tunnels” is a bit darker and lonelier than most of the other tracks, and it could easily keep going and building for a lot longer than the 3 minutes it gets here. The album ends with the sparse, shimmering drone “The Light Will Disappear”, suggesting that maybe the next release will return to murk, fuzziness, and malaise. Free DL at Bandcamp.

Hans Tammen & Dark Circuits Bunker Orchestra: Ten Minutes Late With No Bus In Sight And No Taxi Either (Gold Bolus, 2017)

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Hans Tammen & Dark Circuits Bunker Orchestra: Ten Minutes Late With No Bus In Sight And No Taxi Either

Lengthy compositions played by a gigantic orchestra of synths (including Euroracks, a random tone generator, and a modified Moog Etherwave Theremin) as well as some very unhinged, impulsive drumming. Tammen is credited with “concept, composing, binary conducting”. There’s clear guidance to these recordings; it’s obvious that someone is telling the musicians when to be calm and when to explode and go crazy. When the drums get manic and the synths swell and saturate, it all provides an ultraviolet head rush. Probably the best track overall is “Kafka’s Hat”, a pretty thorough mix of heavy rhythms, musique concrete-like synth-work, and outer space overdrive. “Black Magic and Its Full Expose” is nearly 18 minutes, and interrupts interstellar voyagery with brief moments of far out, frenetic drumming which could’ve been recorded at some sort of carnival. The whole album is highly inventive and never predictable, and sounds like it was spontaneously created by humans in love with the possibilities of technology as well as intense, sprawling rhythms.

Bruce Russell: Metallic OK (Glass Redux, 2017)

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Bruce Russell: Metallic OK

Bruce Russell’s solo material is generally even further out than his work with the Dead C. Rather than making an ungodly racket in a rock band format, his solo work tends to focus on limited sets of weird sounds, and wringing them for all they’re worth. He’ll tune his guitars the way bluesmen like Skip James did, then he’ll play them with knives or other devices not normally associated with music-making. Much of this was recorded live, and you can imagine the audience felt like they were being constantly zapped by high-voltage electrodes, but there’s no way they could possibly turn away or escape. Some tracks eschew guitars, instead using field recordings, metal bowls, and other sound sources. “Electro-magnetic Feedback Study #1 (Strange House in the Snow)” seems to blur the lines between radio and guitar feedback. “Woodchopping (Way On Up, Till the Sun Go Down)” sounds like, well, chopping wood; it’s almost like he’s hacking a guitar to bits and burying it in the dirt, and recording it all with contact mics. The last track (“Excerpt from ‘Motorboeating'”) is the longest one, and it’s the one where everything feels like it’s being consumed in a toxic meltdown.

John McCowen: Solo Contra (International Anthem Recording Co., 2017)

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John McCowen: Solo Contra

True to its title, this is a short album of solo performances for contrabass clarinet. The instrumentation is acoustic, but like Colin Stetson, McCowen uses multiple microphones and extended breathing techniques to create something that defies what a standard musician can seemingly produce. The first track is fairly subdued and controlled, but “Chopper HD” is much sharper and reedier, verging on abrasive noise, but again, entirely acoustic. “Berths 1-3” is an extended suite which moves very slowly, tipping from thin waves to richer, more jagged textures without straying from the pulpit. It ends with what must’ve been an extremely satisfying mic (or contra) drop.

Show #431 – 2/10/18

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We’ve just started our annual fundraising drive, so please DONATE to the station to help keep all our equipment running!
Hour 1
2:01 am Andy Stott ~ “We Stay Together (Part One)” ~ We Stay Together ~ Modern Love ~ 2011
2:08 am Florian Kupfer ~ “Z” ~ 12″ (new) ~ L.I.E.S. ~ 2017
2:13 am J Dilla ~ “Lightworks” ~ Donuts ~ Stones Throw ~ 2006
2:14 am Latyrx ~ “Latyrx” ~ The Album ~ Solesides ~ 1997
2:21 am Showbiz & A.G. ~ “Can’t Wake” ~ Take It Back (new) ~ D.I.T.C. ~ 2017
2:24 am Makaya McCraven ~ “R.F.J. III” ~ Highly Rare (new) ~ International Anthem ~ 2017
2:32 am John McCowen ~ “Chopper HD” ~ Solo Contra (new) ~ International Anthem ~ 2017
2:37 am Anenon ~ “Verso” ~ Tongue (new) ~ Friends of Friends ~ 2018
2:41 am Treasure Hunt ~ “Portals” ~ Space Jam ~ Moon Glyph ~ 2016
2:48 am Mukqs ~ “Marble Gallery” ~ 起き上がり (new) ~ Doom Trip ~ 2018
2:53 am Rødhåd ~ “Burst” ~ Anxious (new) ~ Dystopian ~ 2017
2:58 am Virtual Self ~ “Particle Arts” ~ Virtual Self (new) ~ Virtual Self ~ 2017
Hour 2
3:02 am B. Fleischmann feat. Gloria Amesbauer ~ “Its Not Enough” ~ Stop Making Fans (new) ~ Morr Music ~ 2018
3:09 am Gary War ~ “Retrograde Reality” ~ Gaz Forth (new) ~ Feeding Tube ~ 2018
3:12 am Anna Burch (local) ~ “Tea-Soaked Letter” ~ Quit the Curse (new) ~ Polyvinyl ~ 2018
3:16 am Philly Boy Roy ~ “Punk Rock Girl” ~ Dr. Demento-Covered in Punk (new) ~ Demented Punk Records ~ 2018
3:19 am The Cramps ~ “Let’s Get Fucked Up” ~ Hanky Panky ~ Zip City ~ 1996
3:25 am Lower Slaughter ~ “Earthseed” ~ What Big Eyes (new) ~ Box Records ~ 2017
3:30 am Benny Andersson ~ “You and I” ~ Piano (new) ~ Deutsche Grammophon ~ 2017
3:37 am DBX (local) ~ “Baby Judy” ~ Accelerate Rare and Unreleased ~ Accelerate ~ 1995
3:44 am Frak ~ “Synthfrilla” ~ Sudden Haircut ~ Dark Entries ~ 2010
3:49 am Delroy Edwards ~ “Drop Dead” ~ 12″ ~ L.I.E.S. ~ 2013
3:55 am Color Plus ~ “Medical MF” ~ 12″ (new) ~ Vanity Press Records ~ 2017
Hour 3
4:00 am Bok Bok ~ “Silo Pass (Lil Silva Remix)” ~ Night Slugs 10 (new) ~ Night Slugs ~ 2018
4:05 am Second Storey ~ “Barrel Roll (DeFeKT Remix)” ~ Lucid Interpretations (new) ~ Houndstooth ~ 2018
4:09 am Second Woman ~ “Instant I” ~ Apart / Instant (new) ~ Tresor ~ 2018
4:15 am Quinoline Yellow ~ “Brochwel Ysgithrog” ~ Dol-Goy Assist ~ Skam ~ 2005
4:20 am Joq & Zoomy ~ “The Old Dog Is Back Again” ~ Hold Me Up to the Light (new) ~ self-released ~ 2018
4:26 am Helix ~ “Disko Chop” ~ Greatest Hits Vol. 1 (new) ~ Night Slugs ~ 2018
4:33 am Yasunao Tone ~ “AI Deviation #1” ~ AI Deviation #1, #2 (new) ~ Editions Mego ~ 2017
4:40 am Dan Deacon ~ “Totally Boner Eat Shit” ~ 7″ ~ Carpark ~ 2007
4:43 am Pisstank ~ “Suzie’s Pregnant/Don’t Wanna Go to School/Soft Drinks/East-West Pipeline/The Babysitter Touched Me/Kicking It Straight to You” ~ split 7″ w/ Kid606 ~ Wabana Ore Limited ~ 1999
4:47 am 1-Speed Bike ~ “Party / Bullshit / Flatlining On A Genocide” ~ 7″ ~ Bully Records ~ 2006
4:51 am Pessimist ft. Overlook ~ “No Matter What” ~ Pessimist ~ Blackest Ever Black ~ 2017
Hour 4
5:01 am Whitehouse ~ “Rock and Roll” ~ Birthdeath Experience ~ Susan Lawly ~ 1980
5:07 am John Wall & Mark Durgan ~ “Rapt” ~ Contrapt (new) ~ Harbinger Sound ~ 2017
5:11 am Hisato Higuchi ~ “Ghosts Ghost” ~ She ~ Family Vineyard ~ 2003
5:17 am Hans Tammen & Dark Circuits Bunker Orchestra ~ “Sea, Sea Rider” ~ Ten Minutes Late With No Bus In Sight And No Taxi Either (new) ~ Gold Bolus ~ 2017
5:24 am Suzanne Ciani ~ “The Third Wave: Love in the Waves” ~ Seven Waves ~ Bird/Finders Keepers ~ 1982
5:31 am Bruce Russell ~ “Birdling (Waharoa)” ~ Metallic OK (new) ~ Glass Redux ~ 2017
5:37 am Kitaro ~ “Shimmering Light/Westbound” ~ Silk Road I (on 45 by accident) ~ Gramavision ~ 1980
5:41 am Tim Blake ~ “Midnight” ~ Space, Energy and Light: Experimental Electronic and Acoustic Soundscapes 1961-88 ~ Soul Jazz Records ~ 1977
5:46 am Laurie Spiegel ~ “Improvisation on a ‘Concerto Generator’” ~ Space, Energy and Light: Experimental Electronic and Acoustic Soundscapes 1961-88 Soul Jazz Records ~ 1977
5:49 am Thor & Friends ~ “Dead Man’s Hand” ~ The Subversive Nature of Kindness (new) ~ L-M Duplication ~ 2017
5:54 am Poppy Ackroyd ~ “Time” ~ Resolve (new) ~ One Little Indian ~ 2018

Crush Collision 2/8/18

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Hour 1
10:01 pm Martial Canterel ~ “Scherzo”
10:04 pm Back For Good ~ “They Lurk In the Depths”
10:09 pm DMX Krew ~ “Death Blip”
10:13 pm Meat Beat Manifesto ~ “Nocebo”
10:16 pm Tzusing ~ “Torque Pulsations”
10:20 pm The Hacker ~ “Dancing Mekanik”
10:24 pm Brainwaltzera ~ “Muddy Puddle Trot (Guavid Remix)”
10:27 pm Ryuichi Sakamoto ~ “andata (Electric Youth Remix)”
10:32 pm Mario Hammer and the Lonely Robot ~ “Tenalach (Hannes Bieger Remix)”
10:39 pm Terrence Dixon ~ “Digital Ladder”
10:43 pm Mukqs ~ “ゾッド”
10:50 pm Tape Hiss ~ “Shameful Indifference (Massimiliano Pagliaria Remix)”
10:53 pm The Cyclist ft. Tanaya Harper ~ “Mirrors”
10:56 pm Lancelot ~ “Satisfied”
Hour 2
11:00 pm Nathan Melja ~ “Steam”
11:04 pm Jeff Blank ~ “Manifesto”
11:08 pm SCB ~ “Five Degrees”
11:13 pm Hodge ~ “Sunlight on a Broken Column”
11:18 pm Patrick Conway ~ “Stab City (Fit Siegel’s Stab Back Mix)”
11:21 pm ConSequence ~ “Acid Attack”
11:24 pm John Tejada ~ “Duty Cycle”
11:28 pm Frak ~ “Protes”
11:32 pm ORBE ~ “Cosmic Creed”
11:38 pm Distilled Existence ~ “Pulsum”
11:41 pm Heathered Pearls ~ “The Packard Plant”
11:46 pm FP-Oner ~ “Travelling Zones”
11:51 pm Persuasion ~ “Quatermass”
11:56 pm A Sacred Geometry ~ “Vega”

Hisato Higuchi: She (Ghost Disc, 2003/Family Vineyard, 2017)

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Hisato Higuchi: She

This was originally released as a CDr in 2003 and has been reissued twice so far, so I guess it must have some sort of following. I can definitely say that this is something I didn’t know I needed in my life until I heard it. It’s like very minimal 4AD-style ethereal folk, but in Japanese, and with sudden, piercing bursts of frazzled noise. The intro track even sounds like a stalling modem. So much of this album just catches you completely off guard. “Ghosts Ghost” departs from the outer space folk balladry for blasted noise with some soft drone undercurrents. “Sister Girl” also douses pretty/sad melodies in all manners of destructive distortion. Fans of Fennesz or Pita need to hear this one for sure.

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