Crush Collision 4/25/19

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10:01 pm Skudge ~ Parallel
10:07 pm Ben Long ~ Lemak Rhythm
10:09 pm Edmondson ~ PSG (Asok Remix)
10:15 pm Industrialyzer ~ Multiple Walls
10:20 pm Spektre ~ Forged in the Heart of a Laserbeam
10:23 pm La Fraicheur ~ The Movements
10:28 pm Sport Wolf ~ Like This
10:31 pm Oliver Way feat. Paris the Black Fu and Gareth Whitehead ~ Davies Gene
10:35 pm Pépe ~ Futurepresent
10:41 pm Artist Deleted ~ Track Deleted (Bezier Long Mix)
10:51 pm Back For Good ~ Glitch
10:56 pm Volruptus ~ Time Travel
11:00 pm Silicon Scally ~ Candensium
11:04 pm Cassius Select ~ Cartoon
11:07 pm Ashtar Lavanda ~ Unsolved Mysteries
11:10 pm Seka ~ Hanging Gardens
11:15 pm Zodiac Childs ~ Life Blood
11:20 pm Arctor ~ Selfish Lover
11:24 pm Kym Sugiru ~ Tanka
11:29 pm Patricia ~ Your Battery Is Leaking
11:33 pm 96 Back ~ 100
11:38 pm Stenny ~ Curve
11:42 pm Etch ~ Snells Law
11:44 pm Hornsey Hardcore ~ The Wiz
11:52 pm Daniele Paduano ~ Scheduled and Programmed
11:55 pm 813 ~ Dick Cash and Burger (Pixelord Remix)


Watabou: Coaxial Chaos LP (Realicide Records, 2019)

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Watabou: Coaxial Chaos LP

Several years (really, an entire lifetime) in the making, Watabou’s first vinyl LP is finally here, and it’s a tangible monument of everything the project has come to represent over the past decade or so. Even though the bulk of it was recorded around 2015 and the songs stretch back a couple years before that, and so some of the specific sentiments and issues might come from a different place and time, it’s still highly relevant and highly relatable. The music is advanced as Watabou has ever been, with very dense, complex song structures and more of a chiptune influence than can often be heard in her live sets. It comes with a huge booklet explaining every song in detail, and while there’s way too much about this album to unpack for a short record review, there’s just so much insight to be gained from reading it all, and hearing it all expressed in such an elaborate, aggressive manner. Particular highlights include the soul-searching isolation of “Winding Backroad”, the gender dysphoria reflection “Gabber Punk Girl”, the spiraling anthem “Upward and Outward”, and the overwhelmingly awesome dream interpretation “Phantasmagoraphobe”. Absolutely vital listening. Purchase digitally from Bandcamp, and physically from Realicide.

Efrim Manuel Menuck & Kevin Doria: are SING SINCK, SING (Constellation, 2019)

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Efrim Manuel Menuck & Kevin Doria: are SING SINCK, SING

Efrim Menuck (GY!BE, Silver Mount Zion) and Kevin Doria (Growing, Total Life) toured in support of the former’s solo album Pissing Stars, and they ended up forging a new project which distills their respective sounds into a form of existentialist protest music constructed using maximalist electronics. The songs hinge around themes such as not trusting the cops (opener “Do the Police Embrace?” threads an ominous police siren throughout its alarming electro-drone) and standing strong and refusing to back down. Menuck’s vocals maintain a weary but persevering tone, and the music is like tall, vibrating towers of light transmitting radiations of hope for miles around. There’s no crescendos, it never reaches a crashing peak and there’s no hangover-like comedown. This brief album is just the beginning, promising grander things from this duo.

v/a: Felt Presence 2xLP (Vanity Press Records, 2019)

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v/a: Felt Presence 2xLP

Vanity Press Records’ first compilation isn’t a round-up of its artists, which would be pretty killer, but a selection of tracks by a scene of young Brooklyn artists. The artists here seem to love ravey breakbeats, but they aren’t aiming for any sort of hardcore revivalism. They approach the breaks somewhat in the way that Jersey club producers do, but without as much of the heavy, frenetic club energy. There’s an IDM-ish calmness to tracks like Ronan’s “Riverside”. Some of this would fit in an intelligent d’n’b set (if you play the tracks at 45, that is), yet it doesn’t seem entirely accurate to categorize it that way either. Even further, there’s sort of an MBM-ish astral dub spaciness to some of it, especially combined with the hard breaks. Teleself’s “Calcination” pushes slamming Amens against starburst synths, yet it all retains a steady, measured rhythm. Yogic’s “Transe Maris” is somewhere in between breaks and garage, yet with a sort of shimmer that takes it somewhere farther away entirely. Super fresh, unbound hybrid sounds from this Brooklyn crew, curious what else they’ve got in store. Available digitally from Bandcamp.

Grandmaster Masese: 7″ (Dagoretti Records, 2019)

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Grandmaster Masese: 7″

Kenyan poet/musician/teacher Grandmaster Masese plays an eight-stringed lyre called an Obokano, which has a thick, buzzy sound. This single preserves Masese’s strange, hypnotic music on vinyl, and it’s a wonder to behold. “Orogena” features whistling, fast chatting and singing, and bells over a rickety Obokano rhythm. “Obokano Outside” is a bit looser and more of a headrush. It was recorded outside, as the title states, so you can hear animals and passers-by, and it just sounds even more energetic and in-the-moment. The Bandcamp version of the single adds an additional track, “Mama n’omuya”, which is similar but has more upfront sung vocals. A fantastic, otherworldly shot of energy.

Heart of the Ghost: II LP (Dagoretti Records, 2019)

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Heart of the Ghost: II LP

DC-area free jazz trio Heart of the Ghost recently played at Ziggy’s in Ypsilanti, and they damn near blew the roof off the place. So much controlled, chaotic energy. This LP captures them at their peak powers. The tracks all bounce off in several different directions, from splattered, unhinged ecstasy to more spiritual pursuits to unexpected hypnotic grooves, and every path they take hold the audience in rapt attention. Simply unmissable. LP available from Bandcamp.

Show #490 – 4/20/19

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Mic break music = subtractiveLAD: Where the Land Meets the Sky (disc 2)
2:00 am Étant Donnés ~ 491 ~ La Vue ~ Klanggalerie ~ 1979
2:10 am DJ Nate ~ Ima Burn Him ~ Hatas Our Motivation ~ Planet Mu ~ 2010
2:13 am Suzi Analogue ft. RP Boo ~ She’s Gonna ~ Zonez V.4 (new) ~ Never Normal ~ 2019
2:17 am Duke ft. Dogo Lizzi ~ M Lap ~ Uingizaji Hewa (new) ~ Nyege Nyege Tapes ~ 2019
2:25 am Watabou (local) ~ Upward and Outward ~ Coaxial Chaos (new) ~ Realicide Records ~ 2019
2:39 am Gabber Eleganza ~ Hardcore Soul Mixtape ~ Hardcore Soul (new) ~ Never Sleep ~ 2019
2:58 am Ilsa Gold ~ Up ~ Regretten? Rien! ~ Mego ~ 1993
3:04 am CDR ~ Cdr 155 Beat ~ You Know Shit Shit? (new) ~ Placenta Recordings ~ 2019
3:08 am I Broke My Robot ~ Exit Routine ~ Disobey EP (new) ~ Bandcamp ~ 2019
3:11 am DMX Krew ~ Metal Mod Beat ~ Glad To Be Sad (new) ~ Hypercolour ~ 2019
3:14 am Aārp ~ Gemmae II ~ Novae Gemmae EP (new) ~ InFiné ~ 2019
3:18 am Solenoid ~ Xepo ~ Services Rendered ~ Emanate Records ~ 2000
3:23 am Internal Transfer ~ Cloaksphere (Version) ~ The Felt Presence LP (new) ~ Vanity Press Records ~ 2019
3:28 am Elton Fastbrook ~ Hard Flip ~ Mealtime ~ Planet Mu ~ 1997
3:34 am Rapoon ~ The Orwellian State ~ Little Rocketman and the Planet That Moved (new) ~ Klanggalerie ~ 2018
3:39 am
Tatira Birdsong Ghosts of Fall River (new) Inam Records 2019
3:43 am Turning Jewels into Water ~ Azul (for Nidia) ~ Map of Absences (new) ~ FPE ~ 2019
3:47 am Eki Shola ~ Funkonica ~ Possible (new) ~ self-released ~ 2019
3:51 am Jayda G ~ Missy Knows What’s Up ~ Significant Changes (new) ~ Ninja Tune ~ 2019
3:58 am Mr. Oizo ~ Flat Beat ~ 12″ ~ F Communications ~ 1999
4:04 am Charles Trees (local) ~ In Arms ~ 2019 (new) ~ Portage Garage Sounds ~ 2019
4:10 am Thomas Xu (local) ~ Standing Rock ~ Different Wisdoms (new) ~ Steady Flight Circle ~ 2019
4:14 am log(m) & Laraaji ~ Oregano In E Minor ~ The Onrush of Eternity (new) ~ Invisible, Inc. ~ 2019
4:20 am Toshifumi Hinata ~ Chaconne ~ Kankyō Ongaku: Japanese Ambient, Environmental & New Age Music 1980-1990 ~ Light in the Attic ~ 1985
4:25 am Mort Garson ~ Swingin’ Spathiphyllums ~ Mother Earth’s Plantasia ~ Sacred Bones ~ 1976
4:37 am Throwaway (local) ~ The Brilliant Society of the Illustrious Mule ~ mp3 (new) ~ self-released ~ 2019
4:39 am Heart of the Ghost ~ American Dirt ~ II (new) ~ Dagoretti Records ~ 2019
4:49 am Grandmaster Masese ~ Orogena ~ 7″ (new) ~ Dagoretti Records ~ 2019
4:53 am Asnakech Worku ~ Awkew Beneber ~ Asnakech ~ Awesome Tapes from Africa ~ 1975
4:58 am Kodo ~ Yumi-Ga-Hama ~ Best of Kodo ~ TriStar Music ~ 1988
5:03 am Forrest Fang ~ Archipelago ~ World Diary ~ Ominous Thud ~ 1992
5:12 am Elliot Sheedy ~ Flu-Shot Season ~ Cowboy Microwave Music (new) ~ Fire Pines Records ~ 2019
5:17 am Efrim Manuel Menuck & Kevin Doria ~ A Humming Void an Emptied Place ~ Are Sing Sinck, Sing (new) ~ Constellation ~ 2019
5:23 am Shlohmo ~ Ungrateful ~ The End (new) ~ Friends of Friends ~ 2019
5:33 am Budos Band ~ Peak of Eternal Night ~ V (new) ~ Daptone ~ 2019
5:36 am Berlin Taxi ~ Last Night ~ Contract (new) ~ self-released ~ 2019
5:40 am Xeno & Oaklander ~ Insomnia ~ Hypnos (new) ~ Dais ~ 2019
5:44 am Light Conductor ~ Light Conductor ~ Sequence One (new) ~ Constellation ~ 2019
5:50 am Joni Void ~ Persistence ~ Mise En Abyme (new) ~ Constellation ~ 2019
5:56 am Janek Schaefer ~ Round in Circles ~ What Light There Is Tells Us Nothing (new) ~ Temporary Residence Ltd. ~ 2019

Étant Donnés: La Vue (Bain Total, 1981/reissued by Klanggalerie, 2018)

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Étant Donnés: La Vue

Extremely sickly tape manipulations recorded back in 1979. I’m not sure how many people heard this tape but I feel like a lot of the more absurdist noise and industrial artists would’ve taken a lot of cues from this. Very heavy rhythmic loops with some occasional nonsensical gibberish chatter voices, and most notably, some very thick, intrusive stop-start rewinding and fast forwarding similar to what the Boredoms would do on Super Ae in the late ’90s. The slower bits have a sort of proto-vaporwave quality to them, but they don’t last long — nothing here does. It’s basically a sort of punk version of musique concrete, made by people who delight in hearing funny voices and hard, slamming sounds. And again, this was recorded before the advent of turntablist culture — you can imagne this duo doing horrific things with vinyl, although it might have been crazy in a different way. Unless they actually are using turntables on this? It sounds like tape loops but who can tell. Anyway, this is way, way ahead of its time and the entire time I’m listening I can’t believe what I’m hearing. How on earth was this made 40 years ago!?!?!

Asnakech Worku: Asnakech (1975/reissued by Awesome Tapes From Africa, 2018)

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Asnakech Worku: Asnakech

The first time I started listening to this, I immediately had to lay down and focus all of my attention on it. I didn’t want anything else to distract me. This just completely took me into another world and I wanted to inhabit it for as long as possible. Afterwards, I finally read the liner notes and found out that Asnakech was a cultural icon in Ethiopia, beloved as an actress, musician and dancer. She played an ancient harp known as a krar, and on this album she’s joined by Hailu Mergia, who is still alive and producing brilliant music today. Everything about this recording sounds strange and magical. The organ whines away in the background and gives it a bizarre horror movie atmosphere, barely audible drums drift away in the background, and the echo makes Asnakech’s krar playing seem detached and ghostly. And of course her vocals are just unbelievable, incredibly haunting. Just listen, I don’t have any further words for this.

Dina Maccabee: The Sharpening Machine (Geomancy, 2019)

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Dina Maccabee: The Sharpening Machine

Dina Maccabee attended the University of Michigan a long time ago, and since then she’s collaborated with Feist, Tune-Yards, Vienna Teng, and many others. She currently records and tours with Julia Holter, and she wrote the score for a musical which will be premiering in St. Paul, Minnesota at the end of this month. This is forward-thinking experimental pop combining primitive drum machines, electro-acoustic fragments, and an intricate web of acoustic instrumentation, along with Dina’s multi-tracked slightly reverby vocals. It seems a little hazy but at the same time it’s very focused and deliberate. It gets rootsy (“Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Song” has banjos and a fiddle solo, “Little Bite” is a toe-tapping country-ish tune that happens to have trombones) but at the same time it’s also a bit psychedelic. Songs like “Tall Trees” and “It Doesn’t Have to Be OK” are really relaxing but also slyly catchy. It might be worth mentioning that Holter appears on two songs, but the album has its own strange and wonderful vibe.

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