Crush Collision 4/17/14

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Hour 1
10:02 PM Todd Terje ~ Swing Star Pt 2
10:08 PM John Lemke ~ Walizka
10:10 PM Devennue ~ Underforms (Overcast Sound Remix)
10:15 PM Farben & Jamed DIN A4 ~ Please Excuse My Face
10:20 PM Heterotic ~ Self Importance
10:22 PM Light Year ~ No One
10:27 PM Somatic Responses ~ Tachyon Opera
10:31 PM The Drum Club ~ Drums Are Dangerous (Hardkiss Remix)
10:35 PM 808 State ~ Lambrusco Cowboy
10:39 PM cv313 ~ Excursion 1 ~ Live At Primary
10:46 PM Illum Sphere ~ Embryonic (Legowelt Remix)
10:50 PM Dan Curtin ~ House Spirits
10:57 PM LFO ~ Nurture

Hour 2
11:00 PM LFO ~ Tan Ta Ra (Moby Remix)
11:05 PM Orbital ~ Impact USA (The Earth Is Burning)
11:15 PM B12 ~ Epilion
11:21 PM The Future Sound Of London ~ Dead Cities
11:26 PM Millie & Andrea ~ Temper Tantrum
11:30 PM µ-Ziq ~ Within A Sound
11:35 PM Aphex Twin ~ Donkey Rhubarb
11:41 PM Oxynucid ~ pHilter patH
11:48 PM Tycho ~ Montana
11:52 PM Hidden Orchestra ~ Disquiet (Floex Remix)
11:56 PM Lewis Fautzi ~ Sick

Show #238 – 4/12/14

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Hour 1
3:01 AM Hiss & Hum ~ Brain-Dead Chile (Slight Return) ~ Live Broadcast ~ self-released
3:08 AM C. Spencer Yeh/Okkyung Lee/Lasse Marhaug ~ Tonight We Sleep Like Empty Hard Drives ~ Wake Up Awesome ~ Software
3:12 AM Nels Cline Singers ~ Red Before Orange ~ Macroscopic ~ Mack Avenue
3:21 AM Gezan ~ Getsumen No Tsume ~ Katsute Uta Toiwaretasore ~ Important
3:25 AM Pairs ~ Ballet Theme Downstream ~ Your Feet Touch Ground, A Carousel ~ Metal Postcard
3:32 AM Trouble Books ~ Stacking Spheres ~ Love At Dusk ~ MIE Music
3:36 AM The Space Lady ~ Humdinger ~ The Space Lady’s Greatest Hits ~ Night School
3:39 AM Jef Barbara with Laetitia Sadier ~ Chords ~ Soft To The Touch ~ Club Roll
3:43 AM Fever Witch ~ This Is Your Funeral ~ You’re The Worst/You Deserve It [split tape w/ Hiss & Hum] ~ self-released
3:45 AM Odd Nosdam ~ Trish ~ Trish ~ Baro Records
3:50 AM Sensum and Clunch ~ Strawberry Days ~ Sensum and Clunch ~ Holodeck
3:53 AM D33J ~ Empty Sunset ~ Gravel ~ Anticon

Hour 2
4:01 AM Strata Florida ~ Hang On ~ Made Of Stars ~ Saint Marie
4:04 AM Settle ~ Colony ~ Paper Thin ~ Life Like
4:10 AM Squarepusher x Z-Machines ~ Dissolver ~ Music For Robots ~ Warp
4:17 AM µ-Ziq ~ Jiggery Panky ~ My Little Beautiful ~ Virgin
4:23 AM Qixoni ~ Disharmony (Mr Proxxxy 2k4 Beer Heart Mix) ~ Disharmony Remixes ~ Techno Belligerent
4:26 AM Hardon Collider ~ track 8 ~ Particle Exciter ~ self-released
4:31 AM Bernard Hiedsieck ~ Poeme-partition X (second version) ~ Poeme-partition X ~ Alga Marghen
4:36 AM Bubblegum Octopus ~ Defeat Of Logic ~ Critters ~ Moth Lite
4:37 AM Phyla Zen ~ Seamlessly Weaving ~ Surrealist Nightmare ~ cOmaRecOrdz
4:42 AM enn{kdog ~ Aristippus ~ Bags ~ Immigrant Breast Nest
4:46 AM Blipvert ~ Insect Bleach In 4 Parts ~ Wax Cathartic ~ D-Trash
4:54 AM Felix Kubin ~ Speed ~ Zemsta Plutona ~ The Omni Recording Corporation\
4:58 AM Stave ~ Tower 9 (Isreal Vines Remix) ~ Trust ~ Trensmat

Hour 3
5:05 AM Bobby Draino ~ Sean’s Beach ~ Brain Drain ~ 100% Silk
5:11 AM Lidless Dogs ~ side 2 ~ Lidless Dogs tape ~ Life Like
5:28 AM Henri Pousseur/Michel Butor ~ Gamelang Celtibere ~ Paysages Planetaires ~ Alga Marghen
5:35 AM Hydropark ~ side A track 1 ~ Hydropark (3rd tape) ~ Life Like
5:39 AM Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks ~ Catchy (Was Contagious) ~ Enter The Slasher House ~ Domino
5:43 AM Protomartyr ~ Ain’t So Simple ~ Under Color Of Official Right ~ Hardly Art
5:45 AM Tycho ~ Spectre ~ Awake ~ Ghostly International
5:48 AM Future Islands ~ A Song For Our Grandfathers ~ Singles ~ 4AD
5:53 AM HTRK ~ Love Is Distraction ~ Psychic 9-5 Club ~ Ghostly International

Blanche Blanche Blanche: Breaking Mirrors LP (Wharf Cat, 2013)

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Blanche Blanche Blanche: Breaking Mirrors LP

Blanche Blanche Blanche: Breaking Mirrors LP

I really should’ve reviewed this after I saw this band in Brooklyn last year, but now I’m going through my “review” folder and deleting stuff I’m just never going to get around to reviewing and I realized I never talked about this. Anyway, this group released my favorite album of 2012, and have since grown from a home recording project into a band with several members (I counted at least 6 onstage) which plays live and recorded this LP in a studio. Which means that it misses out on the hissy lo-fi sound of the earlier material, but now has expanded realms of studio trickery and composition complexity. More angular guitar sounds instead of chintzy out-dated keyboards. A bit rougher and angrier, too, not as much of the oddly tender moments on some of the previous records. There’s also a new sense of repetition; “Fire” repeats the titular word throughout the entire song, and “Zeroing In” similarly repeats “zero” until it truly does zero in. Just another bizarre, confounding album from one of my favorite weird-pop groups of the past few years.

Brain Collider tape

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Brain Collider tape

Brain Collider tape

Somehow I completely missed out on Hardon Collider until a few weeks ago, when he played at Far House. Totally unexpected and awesome explosion of glitch-fried circuitbent breakcore noise mayhem. I got a CD-r from him, but it looks like it actually came out in 2012, so I’m not going to review it. I also got this tape, and I have no clue if it’s new or not, but I’m going to assume it is. I’m not sure who the “Brain” part is, but this takes the trashy, glitchy, electro-fried sonic mess of Hardon Collider and melds it with a blasted-out noise-rock band. Generally slow, loose guitar and drum rhythms scarred and smeared with filth-covered electronic feedback. The wavering sound quality of the cassette makes it even more unhinged. Lots of blurry, hidden voices behind everything too; sometimes it sounds like some sort of Middle Eastern music, and the second side has clips from some cartoon show featuring McDonald’s characters. Not a whole lot of sense being made here, but it’s all in ridiculous, trashy fun.

Bobby Draino: Brain Drain 12″ EP (100% Silk, 2013)

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Bobby Draino: Brain Drain 12" EP

Bobby Draino: Brain Drain 12″ EP

Ever since discovering Bobby Draino’s Soundcloud a while back, I’ve been fiending to have some of his music on vinyl. Of course leave it to 100% Silk to make this a reality. Definitely some of the best lo-fi grimy house I’ve heard in an era full of this type of stuff. Ridiculous levels of hiss and distortion, acid synths and beats that snap and sizzle, and just a general sense that it was all made on shitty equipment with a fuck-it-all attitude. This is the type of noise-scene techno that would probably scare away actual clubgoers, at least if they’re expecting any type of smooth, accessible house music, which 100% Silk does sometimes and release, and are quite good at. But this is music to blast late at night at a warehouse with a shitty makeshift soundsystem. So much rudimentary echo and delay and pitchshifting… ahh, it’s just so great.

SSLEEPERHOLD: Ruleth (Holodeck/Light Lodge, 2013)

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Completely overdue review, very sorry about that, but I saw this guy twice at SXSW and he was clearly one of the highlights of the entire week. I grabbed a copy of this LP after receiving a promo download a while ago and I’ve just been listening to it nonstop. My friend said his performances were “next-level, and I never use that term.” As with most artists on Holodeck, he sets up a mountain of bulky analogue synths, and just knocks it out of the park with slow-to-midtempo beats and horror-movie atmospheres. I love how this album has such a buzzy, lo-fi quality to it; there’s even a track with a false start. It clearly sounds hand-assembled and labored. Big, brutal industrial beats, but with oddly charming, beautiful melodies, and human levels of hiss and distortion. It always sounds like there’s some hidden voices trapped underneath the noise and beats, some teeth gnashing and tension brewing. It’s dark and gloomy, and maybe a bit angry, but it practices restraint and doesn’t blow up or become too punishing. It’s fantastic and magnificent and you need it in your life. It’s been re-pressed on vinyl, too, and there’s always the cassette and digital versions available at, where else, Bandcamp.

Robert Alberg: Night Wind CD-r single (self-released, 2014)

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Robert Alberg: Night Wind

Robert Alberg: Night Wind

Brand new hit CD single from our favorite Washington-based folk troubadour, who is the son of a multi-millionaire, and was found making a deadly toxic substance called ricin in his home, but without any intentions to harm anyone. He seems to have improved his musicianship somewhat, and is attending music courses at a community college. He’s sent us a bunch of CD-r’s, most of which wouldn’t actually play. This one just contains a single song (length: 2:50) and is typical of his style. Really shrill, nasal vocals with lyrics about ocean water and night wind. The guitar is a bit less harsh on this one, and the guitar and vocals aren’t hard-panned, so he’s learning a little bit about recording, but his voice still clips a bit. Basically, this is the classic definition of outsider music. No typical rhythm or song structure, he just rambles on for a few minutes and stops just shy of 3 minutes, and then the CD’s over. Play this a ton and feel the night wind blowing around you on the ocean water!

Pinkcourtesyphone: A Ravishment Of Mirror (Dragon’s Eye Recordings, 2014)

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Pinkcourtesyphone: A Ravishment Of Mirror

Pinkcourtesyphone: A Ravishment Of Mirror

Newest full-length from sound artist Richard Chartier’s noir-ish drone project. This album is full of slow, bell-like loops, ghostly footsteps, foggy hiss, sunken melodies, and just a general dark, rainy, mysterious atmosphere. Like The Caretaker’s best work, it’s sad, fragile, beautiful, and haunting. 25 minute opener “Why Pretend / The Desire Of Absence / Faulty Connections” goes through long stretches of moody droning before finally landing on a slow, sleepwalking rhythm for the last few minutes. “Pixels… Sometimes… Broke Your Heart (For A.)” is another exploration of cavernous spaces and distant sounds, with gentle whispers and soft, faraway bursts. “Falling Star (For P. Entwistle)” has some soft, muted, trudging beats, which sound like the ghosts of hip-hop or drum’n’bass tracks, along with thick, swirling ambience and piano melodies, and more dusky whispering. “62,000 Valentines (For T. Hunter)” is more misty, foggy slow-moving ambience, feeling like a stroll through an inactive city on a late afternoon during a weekend, where no buildings are open and nobody’s around because the weather is dismal and there’s nothing going on… which makes it a perfect scenario for a destination-free walk filled with solemn, singular reflection on life.

Porya Hatami: Shallow (Tench, 2014)

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Porya Hatami: Shallow

Porya Hatami: Shallow

Newest album from an Iranian artist who has several albums out on labels that I’m not familiar with. Drifty field recording ambient with wispy flickering melodies, similar to some of Nobukazu Takemura’s works but without the frenetic glitchiness. Not completely soft and polished, there’s a little bit of a machine-generated roughness at points, but it’s still blissed-out enough to relax to. “Fen” starts with wind/water-type sounds, which continue throughout most of the song’s first half, and about 2/3 of the way through, there’s gentle music box notes panning through the speakers. “After the Rain” is the most concise (just shy of 10 minutes) and melody-rich track here, with more close-miked music box tinkling and more fluttery, microscopic melodic flourished along with its sublime ambient melody. “White Forest” is another rolling ambient piece with a soft melody and a subtle loop which fades away after a few minutes and lets the piece breathe a bit more. There’s a few hints of static and whispering wind, but the overall mood is calm and breezy. The digital wind swells up a bit during the last couple minutes, and there’s some more plinky electronic music box-like notes, but the last couple minutes get increasingly sparser and less active until it’s just silence and the album is over.

David Kanaga: Dyad (Original Game Soundtrack) (Software, 2013)

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David Kanaga: Dyad (Original Game Soundtrack)

David Kanaga: Dyad (Original Game Soundtrack)

Oneohtrix Point Never’s label Software branches out into the world of video game soundtracks with the music from this ultra-trippy PS3 game. I haven’t played the game, but the visuals are extremely flashy and mind-altering, and the music perfectly matches this. The 29 tracks here average around 2 minutes, and are mostly hyperkinetic, and build upon maximalist styles of dance music such as jungle and juke. No room for build up and release, just hyped-up sugary ecstasy with over-excited synths, but still with chiming melodies. Perfectly enjoyable as a standalone album, but I’m sure it elevates the game into something truly exciting. I noticed at least one track (“Chargers”) that has airhorns, and a bunch have Amen breaks. No vocals other than the occasional looped, clipped vocal sample. The last 2 tracks (which both have “Mush” in the title) explore more ambient territory, with “Start Mush” in particular sounding like a rainforest-dwelling version of Autechre.

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